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iiQKA Pre-Launch Package

The first cobot package from KUKA designed for simplicity, speed and flexibility.

KUKA's iiQKA Pre-Launch Package includes everything you need for an easy, intuitive and quick start into your experience with the revolutionarily simple iiQKA.OS and iiQKA Ecosystem. 

It is a collection of perfectly matched products, services and solutions that are intended to make your automated future as simple and fast to achieve as possible. The package represents just the beginning for the first products available running on iiQKA.OS and supported by the iiQKA Ecosystem - available to a small number of customers at the start and scaling in availability within the next years.

With this package, KUKA has condensed our deep know-how from more than 50 years of robotics and automation experience into an accessible set of industrial tools. 

The iiQKA Pre-Launch Package consists of: 

iiQKA.OS - The New Operating System from KUKA

Discover more about the fast and intuitive way to implement robot-based automation 

A good combination: iiQKA Pre-Launch Package 

For the pre-launch of KUKA's new operating system, iiQKA.OS, some customers will get the chance to test it in combination with the LBR iisy cobot, the KR C5 micro robot controller, the smartPAD pro operator device and an optional pre-installed gripper. Sign up to be notified about iiQKA roll-out and availability. 

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