Material transport solutions for the aerospace industry

KUKA offers material transport solutions that will significantly improve your manufacturing processes: move components and manufacturing systems precisely with our mobile and stationary transfer technologies and increase your overall efficiency.

Material transport solutions for more efficiency

KUKA supplies the aerospace industry with innovative solutions for material transport. This includes procurement, storage, handling and the flow of material in the aerospace sector. We offer the full range of services from design through to implementation. The primary focus is always on the technical feasibility and the practical suitability.

Material transport with KUKA: your advantages

The aerospace industry needs solutions for material handling that meet the requirements of Industrie 4.0. When you partner with KUKA, you have the following advantages:

Increase in process efficiency

Economical, ecological and ergonomic feasibility is a top priority for every single step in the process. We facilitate quick and cost-effective processes by using the latest technologies and simulation models.

Customized solutions

Together with you, we will find a solution that is exactly tailored to your requirements. In doing so, we seek to strike a perfect balance between operational impacts, system functionality and economic benefits.

Minimizing risk

Properly assessing risks and opportunities is an essential part of our what we do. Thanks to the size of our company and our many years of experience, we are able to perform sound risk assessments to ensure the success of each project.

Material transport: innovations from KUKA:

KUKA works on the future of the aerospace industry on a daily basis. These are the innovations with which we drive Industrie 4.0 forward:

  • KUKA robotics kit and gripper system
    Numerous additional components can be selected for any application.
  • AGV/MGV-based module provisioning
    We supply all modules needed for driverless/driver-based transport systems.
  • KUKA omniMove
    Our mobile platform for heavy loads and rack transfers is ideal for manufacturing processes in the aerospace industry – quick, omnidirectional movement and extremely high precision.
  • Innovative production equipment
    We offer the latest equipment for large aircraft components, such as landing gear and tail units for large commercial planes.
  • KUKA aerospace material flow analysis
    Our analysis of the flow of materials within a plant ensures streamlined material handling – from the loading station to the assembly points. Empty containers and racks are removed quickly and effectively.
Airbus successfully uses the KUKA omniMove for the construction of its A380 flagship. 
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