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Making headway into a new era of intuitive, fast and powerful automation for everyone. 

This is just the start

With iiQKA.OS and the iiQKA Ecosystem, KUKA is establishing an entirely new and potent way to empower customers to meet the challenges of market demands, delivering it in stages and, expanding it over time for use on all robots KUKA offers and in all applications. By creating the iiQKA Ecosystem and automation community based on the my.kuka customer portal, KUKA offers a powerful, holistic network of providers and customers that makes fast, intuitive and cost-effective robot-based automation available for everyone.

What to expect and when

Coming in the near future, the iiQKA Pre-Launch Package will allow selected early customers to experience the versatile, easy-to-use platform and its supporting Ecosystem. The package will include the new, intuitive operating system iiQKA.OS as well as a first set of well-matched software and hardware components, which can be easily installed and offer intuitive functionality for everything from grippers, to vision systems, to safety devices.

Within a matter of years, KUKA will expand the power and functionalities of iiQKA.OS and the iiQKA Ecosystem step by step – together with an increasing number of partners

  • 2022

    • Small cobot system available in the iiQKA Pre-Launch Package
    • First iiQKA Ecosystem Keystone Partner applications and products available
    • Usable for specific applications in specific markets (e.g. pick and place, testing, material handling, machine tending)
  • Short-term

    • More complex applications possible, with a wider range of robot types including additional cobots and traditional mechanics
    • iiQKA Ecosystem expands with the launch of the iiQKA Developer Portal and further providers
    • Wider application in general industry, expanded market availability
  • Mid-term

    • Complex applications in complex environments (e.g. Arc welding and spot welding, Body in White)
    • Diverse variety of iiQKA Ecosystem providers, including components, sensors, software extensions and services
    • Migration from KSS to iiQKA.OS feasible for many existing customers
    • Verification possible for long-term automotive customer planning
  • Long-term

    • Mature ecosystem with large array of world-class providers
    • Complete migration from KSS possible for all customers; all projects realizable with iiQKA.OS

Starting with cobots and specific applications

Perfect human-machine interaction is key to meet the needs of the production of the future, allowing flexible manufacturing in variable batch sizes with utmost efficiency. Collaborative, accessible and sensitive robots such as the LBR iisy can, work together with production workers – combining human capabilities with the efficiency and precision of machines. For this very reason, KUKA cobots play a key role in the start of the iiQKA Ecosystem and are one of the core topics that KUKA focuses on together with selected partners and experts when advancing the platform.

A good combination: The iiQKA Pre-Launch Package 

For the pre-launch of KUKA's new operating system, some customers will get the chance to test it in combination with the LBR iisy cobot, the KR C5 micro robot controller, the smartPAD pro operator device and an optional pre-installed gripper. Learn more about iiQKA roll-out and availability. 

Growing the iiQKA Ecosystem

With the iiQKA Ecosystem KUKA works closely with our global network of partners to provide future-proof, scalable and usable automation solutions that enable non-experts to start into automation easily and at the same time improve processes for experts. For both groups of users, as well as for ecosystem providers, the advantages and possibilities will grow just as much as the Ecosystem does. So, iiQKA will offer effective distribution channels for providers, whereas users will profit from coordinated, scalable automation packages.

KUKA wants this new way of creating automation solutions within the iiQKA Ecosystem to expand quickly within a matter of years. Working with providers, the ecosystem will provide a large amount of applications, functionalities and services that will make the broad portfolio of KUKA hardware on which it is based the most flexible and powerful in the world of automation.

Are you a component supplier, software developer or provider of other extensions? 

The iiQKA Ecosystem will expand rapidly during the next years, offering an easy and fast way for you to deliver your value on top of the KUKA platform. Sign up to be notified about iiQKA roll-out and availability.

When the time comes: migration for existing customer applications

KUKA aims to have every customer benefit from the power of iiQKA.OS. While we start with cobots in relatively simple applications, the new OS and Ecosystem will eventually support all KUKA robots and all applications. When the time comes, and the OS supports it, KUKA will provide assistance to all customers who want to migrate to iiQKA.OS during the rollout and scaling phase. Additionally, smooth migration for existing customers has been considered from the start: the new OS will support KRL, allowing existing customers who have expertise with KSS to smoothly migrate to iiQKA.OS and use existing talent, workflows and code.

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