• Bodysides System (Overhead Power & Free)

    • Bodyside System utilizes Overhead Power & Free to transfer Bodysides to Framing System
    • Bodysides are built in sets within the same system
  • Box Line (KUKA PULSE)

    • Utilization of the PULSE increases up-time production due to few mechanical wear parts
    • Cost effective because of minimal spare parts and up to 25% lower energy consumption just on station to station transfer alone
  • Underbody Subs

    • JT Underbody assembled utilizing robot carried process
    • JT Model type created in the underbody systems
  • Underbody Skid

    Fata Skid transfer is used to complete the underbody build-up process.

  • Framing System (Robotic Carried Framing Gates)

    System utilizes robotic carried framing gates. These gates present the Bodysides to the Underbody by docking into tooling locators which positively locate Bodysides to the Underbody.

  • Panel Line (Best Fit Group)

    The auto panel line is designed to custom fit closure panels to the distinct body variation associated with each vehicle that is processed. As the individual components of the body-in-white (BIW) are welded and framed, variation is introduced creating an assembly that is dimensionally unique from vehicle to vehicle. The auto panel line gauges the final BIW assembly in an upstream “data farm” station and sends this dimensional data to the various downstream robots/fixtures in the system which adjust the closure panels to the “best fit” location for that vehicle.
  • Fender System (RoboSpin)

    • KUKA´s RoboSpin process, aluminum can be welded as quickly as steel and electrode tip wear is the same for both materials
    • The KUKA RoboSpin process also reduces cycle times and improves the quality of the welds
  • Door Inner Cell (Laser System)

    • Utilizes Laserline 6 kW laser generator
    • HIGHYAG RSK Optic / ABICOR-BINZEL wire feed system
    • 29 laser welds with 100 % penetration (Per FCA Spec)
    • Welding with 4,047 filler wire to prevent cracking on 6,000 Series Aluminum
  • Front & Rear Door Systems

    • Down holders were provided by KUKA (Germany)
    • Down holders positively locate the inner to outer sub-assemblies by docking into the hem bed
  • Hood System (Roller Hemming Equipment)

    • All Closure Systems utilize KS HOQ Hemming Head with KUKA RHS Corner Hem Units
    • Three pass process is utilized to ensure the best hem quality on the Aluminum Closures
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