KUKA to inaugurate European Robotics Week 2017

As part of this themed week from 17 to 26 November 2017 across Europe, KUKA is offering insights into the world of robotics – in Augsburg and in Brussels. The objective is to provide interested visitors with more information about robots and to boost enthusiasm, particularly among children and young people, for this key topic of the future.

Over the course of various events, the company answers such questions as: Why do we need robots? What can they do that we can’t? Beyond this, the robot specialist offers a look into the future of automation. Some school classes will also visit KUKA in Augsburg to learn more about fascinating technologies of the future. Associates will also visit local kindergartens and primary schools to pique the little ones’ interest in robotics.


KUKA is issuing an open invitation to the following events:

Craft competition: “Design a dream robot to help you in daily tasks”

Robots can already perform many activities. But what about one that does your homework or cleans your room?
As part of our KUKA arts and crafts competition, children can make their own robot and win cool prizes.


 You can find the description about the competition here:

Crafting Contest - Instruction


Robotics presentation for children at the Augsburg planetarium

In an event entitled “To outer space and back”, KUKA associates will offer presentations for children between the ages of 6 and 10 at the Augsburg planetarium. During the 90-minute event, children can learn about all the things that robots do in space and hear other exciting facts related to robotics.

The presentations in the Augsburg planetarium (Ludwigstrasse 14, 86152 Augsburg) will take place
on both Monday, 20 November and on Wednesday, 22 November at 3:00 p.m.

Parents will have the opportunity to wait for their children over coffee and cake. There are no reserved parking spaces for the event. Participants are requested to use the parking garages in the immediate vicinity. 

Evening event: Generation R – The future of robotics and why our grandchildren are growing up as digital natives

KUKA invites interested adults to attend a presentation in the Development and Technology Center at Zugspitzstrasse 140, 86165 Augsburg-Lechhausen. Dominik Bösl, Senior Corporate Innovation Manager, will speak about the impact of robotics and automation on future generations.


The presentation begins at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, 23 November in the
KUKA Development and Technology Center at Zugspitzstrasse 140, 86165 Augsburg


Please note that the presentation will be held in German.

KUKA Chief Innovation Officer to inaugurate ERW in Brussels

It goes without saying that KUKA will also be represented at the central event in Brussels and will actively shape the future of European robotics by participating in discussions, panel meetings and debates on topics such as robotics, robotics regulation, women in tech and healthcare robotics.

Dr. Bernd Liepert, Chief Innovation Officer of KUKA AG, will inaugurate ERW in his function as president of euRobotics AISBL. For a small refreshment during the breaks, our Bier Paulii provides the participants with non-alcoholic wheat beer.

About European Robotics Week

European Robotics Week has been held annually throughout Europe in the last week of November since 2011. The European research community euRobotics initiated the themed week to educate the public about robotics, focus on the significance, benefits and necessity of automation, and highlight the high-quality, innovative research and development work of European institutes, universities and the industrial sector. Another important goal is to arouse the interest of young people in the sciences. The trend towards automation is continuing worldwide, with the result that ever more specialists will be required in the field of robotics in the future, and particularly in research and development positions.

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