KUKA at the automatica 2018

Visitors to this year's automatica can experience how KUKA is merging the worlds of mechatronics and digitization. Under the motto "industrial intelligence 4.0_beyond automation", KUKA is presenting highlights such as a new HRC lightweight robot or a concept study in the field of consumer robotics.

Review: KUKA at the automatica 2018

"industrial intelligence 4.0_beyond automation": The next step of intelligent production

How can Big Data help to make an existing production facility more effective? And how can an entire network of partners also help small companies to take a technological leap forwards?

The refined KUKA slogan “iintelligence 4.0_beyond automation” reflects the range of possibilities offered by the interaction of cobots, intelligent machines, logistics, the cloud and connectivity.

From direct collaboration between human and machine to mobile robotics and logistics solutions: from 19 to 22 June in hall A4, booths 221 and 231, KUKA will demonstrate the interplay of numerous industrial robots and automation solutions in the Smart Factory.

The robot as an assistant and everyday companion for humans

One thing is clear: the rapid growth of flexible, sensitive and networked production systems can only be a success if more and more people can operate these systems easily.

KUKA has laid the foundation as the world’s first robot manufacturer to ensure sensitive and safe human-robot collaboration with the LBR iiwa.

This success story is now continued: Get to know the prototype of a new generation of lightweight robots at automatica 2018!

In sensitive assembly processes, humans and robots work hand in hand.

Sensitive human-robot collaboration: It's iisy

The LBR iisy by KUKA is characterized by its  user-friendliness. He provides several operator levels and can be immediately operated by anyone - from automation expert to cobotic newbie.

Thanks to its industry-proven technology, it can be integrated into predefined production processes in no time at all. In equal measure, the new lightweight robot also excels in open, unstructured work environments with unpredictable and volatile conditions from one job to the next.

Consumer Robotics: A robot for the living room

KUKA is working on universal solutions in the field of consumer robotics. Our robotics and automation experience is supplemented by know-how from partners and service providers.

At automatica, KUKA presents the concept study "i-do", the first consumer robotics prototype in KUKA history.

The idea behind "i-do": A mobile, modular system that end customers can put together individually. KUKA supplies the platform and the customer determines which features from and the partner companies he wants to purchase.

Consumer robotics: Concept study i-do by KUKA
The mobile home robot platform will enrich our daily lives.

Furthermore, KUKA and VW present a cost-effective solution for the garage at home: the wall-mounted, specially developed charging assistant Cara-C connects the charging cable to the parked car at home.

In future, robots will not only provide assistance in the industrial environment but they will become everyday companions for humans. At automatica, KUKA will present new solutions - such as the LBR iisy and i-do - covering not only the area of cobots for industrial environments but also non-industrial applications.

Wilfried Eberhardt, Chief Marketing Officer, KUKA AG

Highlight at the automatica: The Smart Factory

KUKA is celebrating an anniversary in 2018: 120 years since the company was foundedTo mark this occasion, KUKA has prepared something very special. Trade fair visitors can have a customized KUKA souvenir made for them in our Smart Factory.

The Smart Factory thus depicts on a model scale what KUKA considers to be intelligent automation. User-friendly robot applications and cobots assist people with production while mobile robots supply the production robots with components.

KUKA Connect software – which can access all production information at any time – integrates all the mechatronic components and digital platforms.

This year, the Smart Factory again is at the heart of the KUKA booth.

Get to know the new KUKA smartPAD

Since 2010, the KUKA smartPAD has been used as an operator terminal for all KUKA robots with the KR C4 control. It has now been further developed into a next generation KUKA smartPad.

The new KUKA smartPAD impresses with its high performance. It is also more user-friendly, more ergonomic and more robust. Its capacitive touch display reacts as sensitively as on a smartphone. These and other innovative enhancements make work faster, more efficient and smarter.

The next generation KUKA smartPAD will be presented to the public for the first time at automatica 2018. In 2019, it will replace the old generation and will be delivered with every KUKA robot. The new KUKA smartPAD has already won the prestigious iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

KUKA press conference

You are a journalist visiting automatica? Meet with David Fuller (CTO), Christian Tarragona (Senior Vice President R&D) and Dr. Christian Baur (CEO Swisslog Logistics Automation), three experts from KUKA and Swisslog on the topics of hardware & software, artificial intelligence & networking and mobility & logistics.

After brief expert statements, you are invited to arrange the press conference with your questions.

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018, 2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m., Hall A4, Room A42 (1st floor above the KUKA booth)

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