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In our media library we offer you a wide range of information for every publication format in the form of press images, videos, text and audio files.

You can find high-resolution photos of our Executive Board members Dr. Till Reuter and Peter Mohnen here. Furthermore, you will also find numerous presentations and interviews regarding financial results and a wide range of product images for your publications. 

Dr. Till Reuter

Chief Executive Officer of KUKA AG
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Dr. Till Reuter, CEO of KUKA AG

Peter Mohnen

Chief Financial Officer of KUKA AG

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Peter Mohnen, CFO of KUKA AG

Product images in the media library

Legal note:
All images are protected by copyright. KUKA holds all rights of use for the image files in the download area. The image files may only be used to the extent authorized here and with acknowledgement of “KUKA Aktiengesellschaft” as the image source. The images may be used exclusively for press and reporting purposes. Use for advertising or marketing purposes or any other commercial form of use is prohibited. If any other use is intended, permission must be obtained from KUKA Aktiengesellschaft in advance.

LBR iiwa

LBR stands for “Leichtbauroboter” (German for lightweight robot), iiwa for “intelligent industrial work assistant”. The LBR iiwa redefines the possibilities for industrial robotics. For the first time, humans and robots can work together on highly sensitive tasks in close cooperation. Safety fences are dispensed with, new applications are opened up and the way is paved for greater cost-effectiveness and utmost efficiency.

Download LBR iiwa images as .zip.
KUKA LBR iiwa is synonymous with economy and efficiency.

KMR iiwa

The KMR iiwa is the mobile version of the LBR iiwa. KMR stands for “KUKA Mobile Robotics”, iiwa for “intelligent industrial work assistant”. The KMR iiwa unites the sensitive properties of the robot with the benefits of autonomous navigation. This makes the KMR iiwa ideal for Industrie 4.0 solutions.

Download KMR iiwa images as .zip.

The KMR iiwa in use in KUKA’s production shops. 

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