The KR 30 JET robot system consists of a linear axis, a jointed-arm robot and the JET TRACK axis module. You can adapt this automation system to the specific requirements of your production process thanks to the possibility of overhead or side mounting and the variable design and length of the linear unit. 

The KR 30 JET allows for flexible automation of machine tending and material handling tasks covering distances of up to 30 meters. A wide range of gantry variants and a specially adapted linear unit ensure that both speed and workspace are maximized.


The modular structure of the KR 30 JET makes it possible to execute individual user- and task-specific program sequences. By deploying up to two robots on the JET traversing axis, it is possible to tend several machines or positions at the same time and to optimize the production process.

30 - 30 Payload [kg]

1682.5 - 1682.5 Reach [mm]


Extremely fast

Thanks to its low weight, each axis of the KR 30 JET can reach extremely high speeds and rates of acceleration. That makes it possible to take parts out of the machines from above with speed, precision and high repeatability. 

Space-saving right along the line

The KR 30 JET frees up valuable floor space and opens up new areas of application. The gantry version makes it possible to reach and interlink multiple machines over a distance of up to 30 meters.

Far-reaching, in any position

The robot knee can be positioned optimally, mounted either overhead or on the wall, thanks to the combination of state-of-the-art linear and jointed-arm technology. The optimum axial symmetry ensures that the robot can reach deep into machines.

Flexible interlinking

The KR 30 JET can be flexibly adapted to the respective task thanks to a range of variants. The variable length of the linear unit and the choice between overhead and side mounting allow you to interlink machine tools optimally and to retrofit the robot system easily.

KR 30 JET data overview

KR 30-2 JET
Medium Payloads (30-60 kg)
Construction type
Extension 1
Extension 2
Version environment
Environment version extension
30 kg
Total load
Maximum reach
1682.5 mm
Number of controlled axes
Position repeatability (ISO 9283)
±0.07 mm
435 kg
Mounting positions
Ambient temperature
10 °C to + 55 °C
Protection class
IP 64
Protection class inline wrist
IP 65

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