KUKA ready2_assemble

KUKA ready2_assemble contains optimally matched components which facilitate the implementation of an automated assembly application.

KUKA ready2_assemble: for sensitive assembly activities

KUKA ready2_assemble is a component package from the flexFELLOW series. All necessary hardware components for your assembly tasks from the robot through to the gripper are included in this package and directly ready for use.

KUKA ready2_assemble: your advantages

Human-robot collaboration

The strain on your employees is reduced since they no longer have to work in a strict cycle time. In addition the robot takes over the assembly of ergonomically demanding components, while your employees can perform other tasks in parallel. Safety-oriented functions and the sensitivity of the robot also allow you to carry out assembly activities in human-robot collaboration – HRC for short. Because of its sensitivity the robot reacts to any contact. This means the human operator can control the robot with merely a gesture.

Quality improvement

You improve the quality of your products significantly – for instance by sensitive joining. In a transmission assembly operation, for example, the LBR iiwa ensures that no gear wheels are damaged. The same applies to the edges of the teeth, which react with extreme sensitivity to any contact. Thus the product quality of your assembly processes remains constant.

Automation solution for Industrie 4.0

The ready2_assemble allows you to integrate automation solutions into your existing systems without additional sensors. You therefore benefit from a space-saving solution with shorter cycle times. Even if inexact components are presented, your assembly partner maintains process reliability. 

The KUKA ready2_assemble inserting sealing sleeves

The ready2_assemble package in action: The LBR iiwa permits quick insertion of eight sealing sleeves into a transmission housing.

KUKA ready2_assemble: the components 

The following components of the package can contribute to your entirely individual overall solution: the LBR iiwa, the mobile flexFELLOW platform and the right end effector for your needs. In the following section you will find all the details of the individual products.

The ready2_assemble package of modular structure. 

End effector: LBR grippers

Within the package for assembly processes you require our HRC-capable LBR grippers as the appropriate end effectors.

All grippers are designed so that they pose no injury risk to people. The rounded design with no sharp edges is an important factor for injury prevention.

Every gripper has a low mass and can optionally be provided with gripping force limitation.

The grippers are designed ideally for human-robot collaboration.

Our gripper portfolio offers you the choice of a wide range of different gripper types: 

  • KUKA LBR gripper sensitive R800
    This gripper allows you to regulate the gripping force sensitively. Optionally you can limit the gripping forces to values that will not cause injury.
  • KUKA pneumatic HRC-capable LBR grippers in three versions
    • Two-jaw parallel gripper in short stroke version 
    • Two-jaw parallel gripper in long stroke version
    • Three-jaw centric gripper
  • KUKA 3D-printed pneumatic LBR grippers in two versions
    • Two-jaw gripper for internal/external gripping (RRMG3-MRK)
    • Expansion gripper (RRMGI-HRC)

Find out more about our gripper portfolio with grippers that are optimally configured for your assembly and joining processes in HRC.

Robot: LBR iiwa

The LBR iiwa is also included in the ready2_assemble package. It is HRC-capable and permits interactive working between human and machine – without a safety fence and with maximum safety for the person. In addition the LBR iiwa allows for a change in the layout of the workplace. 

  • The LBR iiwa is available with two payload capacities: seven and 14 kilograms
  • The LBR iiwa is equipped with integral sensitive joint torque sensors in all seven axes for contact detection and programmable compliance.

Read more about the innovative LBR iiwa robot and its advantages for human-robot collaboration.

The lightweight robot LBR iiwa is HRC-capable and thus not only an efficient partner for your production, but also a safe one.

Platform: flexFELLOW

The mobile flexFELLOW robot unit has a location-flexible platform as its base unit. The LBR iiwa is mounted on this carrier and can be equipped individually with components from our ready2_assemble package. You combine the right end effector for your needs with the mobile platform – creating a complete, tailor-made solution at the site of operation.

The components of the flexFELLOW are:

  • Base unit
  • Function plate
  • Unit with fork slots for simple transportation
  • Optional pneumatic unit

Depending on the application, you have a choice between two height variants. Find out more about the concept of the KUKA flexFELLOW series and the combination options available.

The location-flexible flexFELLOW platform serves as a robot carrier and can be deployed in a very short time.

Optional components

The KUKA ready2_assemble package can be further expanded to suit your requirements.

  • KUKA flexFELLOW-family: include a support trolley, drawers trolley or material rack trolley in your overall solution.
  • The human-machine interface – HMI – provides you with an additional facility for visualization of the system.

Further application-specific components and various supply connections can be installed. Please just contact us.


If you would like a complete solution from KUKA including a declaration of conformity, please send your inquiry directly to our Sales team.

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