Our KUKA.FastSendDriver software enables non-destructive testing of components in the aerospace industry. Outer skin, wings and more are checked for perfect machining and safety using state-of-the-art technology. 

Functions of KUKA.FastSendDriver

The KUKA FastSendDriver software enables automated, high-quality inspection of workpieces in the aerospace industry. It is used in conjunction with High Accuracy robots and the KR C4 controller.

During the inspection, the workpiece is scanned by a sensor mounted on the robot. The measured data are transferred to the computer. KUKA.FastSendDriver is used to generate an image from the data acquired by means of ultrasound or alternative methods, such as radiography, acoustic resonance analysis or tomography. This image shows whether the part has been manufactured as required or whether it has deficiencies. Inspection could not be safer or more efficient.

KUKA.FastSendDriver in operation at NASA

Quality assurance by KUKA. FastSendDriver in the production of one of the world’s largest rocket fuel tanks.

Advantages of KUKA.FastSendDriver

  • More productivity: robot-controlled inspection gives you greater flexibility and higher throughput.
  • Greater repeatability: all parts are measured and checked to exactly the same standards.
  • Comprehensive inspection: you receive a detailed list of the inspection results for each individual workpiece.

System requirements for KUKA.FastSendDriver

  • Robot controller KR C4

  • External Data Aquisition System

  • EtherCat- components for the digital I/Os

  • Bus components with faster switching and reading time 

  • KUKA System Software 8.3 (8.3.6 or higher)

  • WorkVisual 3.0 (3.0.7 or higher)

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