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KUKA Innovation Award

KUKA Innovation Award 2022

The KUKA Innovation Award 2022 primarily targets the interaction of robotic systems with humans in the medical application field. This includes applications with direct interaction with a patient for diagnosis, rehabilitation, surgery and other forms of therapy. Using a robotic system, we would like to encourage participants to improve our ability to monitor health and to prevent, detect, treat and manage disease and to test and demonstrate new models and tools for health and care delivery. In addition, we are targeting patient and elderly care and supporting activities such as handling and logistics in a hospital workflow. 

Participation in the KUKA Innovation Award 2022

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Applicants for the Innovation Award 2022 are invited to select use cases where robots nowadays face serious challenges in interacting with their real-world environment including human-robot collaboration. The proposed solutions are expected to enable new robotic use cases for the future of healthcare. The solutions should address a valid clinical or medical problem in healthcare that can be solved with an innovative robotic solution.  

The clear focus of the KUKA Innovation Award Robotics in Healthcare Challenge lies on the introduction and demonstration of new and innovative interactive methods for personalizing and improving health and care. The system concept should be versatile, i.e. broadly applicable, maybe even outside the medical field, and definitely not limited to an engineering approach for solving a specific use case. Participants from academia, research and industry are encouraged to present system concepts that can lead to, or are already on the edge to, commercialization. 




New technologies are playing an increasingly important role in healthcare and will be almost indispensable in the future. We are addressing this dynamic development with our "Robotics in Healthcare Challenge": In the upcoming round of the KUKA Innovation Award, we are looking forward to ideas relating to diagnosis, rehabilitation and treatments in the healthcare sector. Innovative concepts combined with the latest KUKA products and solutions - this exciting combination opens up new opportunities.

Dr. Kristina Wagner, Vice President Corporate Research & Director RoX Program | The Robot X-perience

About the KUKA Innovation Award

KUKA has been sponsoring the KUKA Innovation Award every year for the past eight years. In 2014, KUKA launched the Innovation Competition to drive innovation in robot-based automation and promote technology transfer from research to industry. It addresses developers, graduates and research teams of companies or universities.
The participants develop ideas for a task specified by KUKA. The focus is on a different technology each year. An international jury of experts selects the finalists from all the submitted applications. These final teams implement their projects with the aid of KUKA robots and other technologies such as vision systems and present the results to a wide audience of experts at a trade fair. Thereby, KUKA enables them to make a professional trade fair appearance at large, international trade fairs such as the Hannover Messe, the automatica or the MEDICA medical trade fair. At the end of the trade fair week, the jury of experts chooses the winner of the prize. At the end of the trade show week, the jury of experts will select the winner of the award. Prize money of 20,000 euros awaits the winner. The award was presented for the first time at automatica 2014.

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