German Innovation Award: Honor for future technology

The German Design Council honors KUKA for its user-friendly and intelligent charging technology. The KUKA charging assistant convinced the jury. The focus is on the automated assistant for convenient charging of electric vehicles at home.

2019. június 5.

KUKA's vision on the subject of e-mobility wins award

The KUKA charging assistant scored highly in the German Innovation Award with its outstanding innovative performance. Developed jointly with KUKA partner FORWARDttc, the charging assistant is "Winner" in the "W2 Excellence in Business to Business - E-Mobility Technologies" category. The German Innovation Award honors international and cross-sector products and solutions that differ from previous solutions primarily in terms of user centricity and added value. It makes great achievements visible to a broad audience and ensures successful positioning in the market.

The KUKA Charging Assistant is our contribution to the automated, simple charging of electric vehicles for private users. We are proud that this innovation was able to assert itself and win over the German Design Council.

Günther Schulze, Key Account Manager

The number of electric vehicles on the roads is set to increase immensely over the next few years. There will also be an increase in the number of vehicles with autonomous functions, e.g. some cars can already park without a driver. Both trends will boost demand for intelligent and convenient charging technologies.

For KUKA, the charging assistant is a first, innovative step toward home automation. Controlled by the driver via an app or by the vehicle itself, it takes over the charging process. The charging assistant is the result of a joint research project with Volkswagen AG. The trick is that the car itself does not require any additional equipment. Simply screwed to the garage wall, the charging assistant is quickly ready for operation with the appropriate adapters for the vehicle and charging cable. This makes it a pioneer for the intelligent mobility of the future.

Convenient charging of electric vehicles at home with the KUKA charging assistant.
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