KUKA at ICRA 2019

ICRA took place from 20 to 24 May 2019 in Montreal, Canada. KUKA presented an application for human-robot collaboration and sponsored the Best Paper Award in the field of service robotics.

About ICRA

The International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) has been an important event for the international robotics community for 35 years, this year with a focus on industrial applications. As the IEEE's leading conference, it brings together the world's best researchers and key companies to share ideas and advances in robotics and automation.

The program included keynote presentations by renowned researchers, workshops and tutorials, forums on selected topics, award ceremonies, and technical robotics tours. At the accompanying exhibition, industry representatives had the opportunity to give an insight into their technologies and exchange ideas with researchers.

Reliable joining of inaccurately positioned components

KUKA presented an industrial application, in which the sensitive lightweight robot KUKA LBR iiwa can grip and mount objects. The application demonstrates the potential of intelligent and adaptive robots for industrial applications. The robot assembles rings that have previously been placed anywhere on a table. The operator guides the robot manually to the approximate position of the components before independently implementing the movements learned. After the LBR iiwa has finely positioned the components, it assembles them precisely. Thanks to its joint torque sensors, the robot can also grip sensitive components precisely and fit them sensitively into the outer ring.

Robots become more capable of learning, can adapt to changing production conditions and are more flexible in their use. This enables the robots to support us better, even with complex applications.

Dr. Rainer Bischoff, Head of Corporate Research

KUKA at the Medical Robotics Workshop and Sponsor of the Service Robotics Award

In the surgery room of the future, robots and surgeons will work closely together. The "Next Generation Surgery" workshop focussed on how man and machine can work even better together through machine learning or the seamless integration of robots into the surgery room. In two presentations, KUKA presented both the projects of the finalists of the KUKA Innovation Award and KUKA's own innovations in the field of medical robotics

This year, under the motto "Healthy Living", participants of the Innovation Award had the opportunity for the first time to use the medical version of the KUKA LBR iiwa, the LBR Med. It is the world's first certified medical robot.

In addition, KUKA is once again sponsored the Best Paper Award in the field of service robotics. At this event, young scientists from all over the world had the opportunity to submit technical papers. The decision about the winner and the presentation of the award took place at ICRA.

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