KUKA Roboter GmbH, the Pioneer of Industrial Robotics, steps into India

Announces the launch of its India subsidiary KUKA Robotics (India) Private Ltd.

2007년 4월 19일

New Delhi, April 2007: KUKA Robotics (India), the subsidiary of KUKA Roboter GmbH, one of the world's leading Industrial robotics manufacturers, announced the launch of its India Operations in Delhi. The India subsidiary will focus on providing next generation and uniquely wide range of industrial robots and robot systems, covering all common payload categories and robot types’ technologies to Indian industries.

KUKA Robots will now be available for automation needs of different industrial sectors, mainly Automotive, Automotive Suppliers and the General Industry which includes Foundry, Welding, Metal, Plastics and Logistics among others. Critical components of the Robotic systems will be shipped from Germany but will be customized in India as specified and required by Indian companies. Services and solution will include consulting and development of robot solutions, planning, design, process technology Robotic cells for welding, thermal spray, handling, machining and comprehensive customer support services.

Mr. Bruno Geiger, Managing director Asia,

announcing the launch of the company’s India operations said, "According to recent estimates, the addressable automation and robotics market in India is enormous and growing rapidly. Indian companies are opening up to automation in a big way. Even small repair workshops are opting for the robots. This highlights the significant potential that the market has to offer to KUKA, which has been in the forefront of creating innovative products and solutions in industrial robotics." He added,

"India was also the obvious choice for setting up the subsidiary by virtue of the technical expertise & skills available, which will enable us to service our existing clients."

Other priority markets for KUKA in Asia are China, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan besides India. Elaborating on KUKA’s India plans, Mr. Raj Singh Rathee, Managing Director India, added, "India is a key market for KUKA Robotics and we have significant plans to ramp up our scale in services, technology and collaboration with Indian technological institutes and people by way of the subsidiary. We are confident that the KUKA Robotics will play an important role to help strengthening the automobile and manufacturing sector with latest and technologically superior robots."

KUKA: Expansion plans for India

India is a critical market for KUKA Robotics. With plans to become the number one robot manufacturer in the region & a countrywide customer base and to further strengthen its presence, KUKA has already started implementing plans to expand its sales & service operations across India by end of 2007.

Wolrd class trasining centre at Pune

One of its kinds in Asia, the KUKA training centre at Pune is the best facility the group has outside Germany. This state of the art facility has the capacity to train around 300 people every year in different aspects of robotics. This facility also encompasses special documentation/training methodologies that makes it easier for even non-technical people or workers.

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