KUKA receives Career and Family Audit certificate

KUKA steadily expands its family-conscious personnel policy. The company recently subjected its existing programs, such as flexible working hours, childcare opportunities and collaboration with schools to a review under the terms of the "Career and Family Audit" program

2010년 7월 1일

In addition, new activities and options for employees and their families were outlined in a package of measures, which will be implemented over the course of the coming three years. KUKA Aktiengesellschaft, its Robotics and Systems divisions and KUKA Dienstleistungs GmbH, whose offices are located in Augsburg and Gersthofen, received an award for this initiative. Minister Kristina Schröder from the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and Parliamentary State Secretary Peter Hintze, from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, presented the "Career and Family Audit" certificate to head of HR Klaus-Stefan Remmler a few days ago in Berlin.

"A family-friendly environment in the workplace is not only important to the employees, but also to the operation, as it pays for itself," said Federal Family Minister Kristina Schröder. "When companies help their employees better balance their family and career priorities, individuals return earlier from their allotted parental leave, are absent less frequently and work more productively. In addition, family-friendly companies are more attractive employers. A sustainable, innovative economy is not possible in the long run without family-friendly employment conditions," Schröder continued.
KUKA AG's Klaus-Stefan Remmler added: "Higher employee productivity, loyalty and motivation are some of the components of the bridge to the future that we need to build. We continue to forge ahead with the project and are getting ready to develop and launch new programs, such as expanded workplace health management. Integrating the new programs into the group-wide management tools is a further step on the road to a family-friendly KUKA."

About "Career and Family"

In 1988, the non-profit Hertie Foundation founded "berufundfamilie gGmbH", which since then has overseen all of the Foundation's activities in the area of balancing a career with family life. The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs supports the Career and Family Audit from the European Social Fund. Leading German business associations - BDA, BDI, DIHK and ZDH - recommend the audit. "berufundfamilie gGmbH" audits the practical implementation of the program annually. After three years, new forward-looking targets can be defined in conjunction with a re-audit.

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