KUKA Industries bundles technology expertise

Augsburg, February 2015 – KUKA is bundling the competence in automated system components and solutions available at KUKA Systems GmbH – Technology Solutions division and Reis GmbH & Co. KG Maschinenfabrik to create a new division to be named KUKA Industries.

2015년 2월 5일

Preparations for the required organisational adjustments are already underway – parallel to setting up its customer business organisation, the company is now in the process of merging business processes, consolidating the sales and service networks, in addition to creating a uniform market image, and has already begun to operate under the new brand name “KUKA Industries“.

The creation of KUKA Industries will provide an added boost to the integration of Reis into KUKA and will bring together KUKA and Reis under one roof. KUKA customers are already benefitting from the  company’s global competence in automated system components and solutions for a wide variety of business sectors – primarily in laser technology, arc welding, casting technology, specially designed friction and Magnetarc welding machines and new technologies in the fields of solar energy and battery manufacture.

Alwin Berninger, spokesperson for the Board of Management of KUKA Industries, has been with KUKA Group since 1998. Until recently, he held the position of Executive Vice President Asia/Pacific for KUKA in Shanghai. “As far as your personal contact persons are concerned and the service we provide to our customers, nothing will change. Our global staff will continue to use their expertise and experience in future to help our customers find the solution that best meets their specific needs,“ says Berninger.

KUKA Systems will in future continue to place greater focus on large projects, while specifically targeting customers in the automotive and aerospace industries – two sectors that are regarded as pioneers in automated production and also offer considerable potential for further expansion.

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