KR CYBERTECH nano: KUKA presents the new robot series

As part of the “Robotics Show” at the flagship China International Industrial Fair (CIIF) in Shanghai, KUKA ceremonially unveiled the new KR CYBERTECH nano robot series

2015년 11월 3일

The robots of the new KR CYBERTECH nano series are streamlined, agile and flexible and have a long reach. These new handling and welding robots are redefining the performance parameters of the low payload category and supplementing the KUKA robot portfolio with payload capacities of six, eight and ten kilograms. Under the slogan “Performance. Reinvented.” KUKA presented the new robots in the world’s largest and fastest growing robot market for the first time. The KR CYBERTECH nano series celebrated its big premiere at the “Robotics Show” held at the China International Industrial Fair (CIIF) in Shanghai.

Outstanding performance, smooth and sensitive motion characteristics on the path and during positioning: that is what the new class promises in the low payload category. This class consists of two product families – KR CYBERTECH nano for handling and assembly of small components and KR CYBERTECH ARC nano as a specialist process robot for welding. Both families are available in different payload variants: the KR CYBERTECH nano with 6, 8 and 10 kg payload capacity with a reach of 1820, 1620 and 1420 mm respectively and the KR CYBERTECH ARC nano with 6 and 8 kg payload capacity with a reach of 1820 and 1620 or 1420 mm. The portfolio of KUKA robots has thus been ideally supplemented: while the handing expert, KR AGILUS, performs convincingly with its high speed and outstanding precision in confined spaces, the robots of the KR CYBERTECH nano series offer a longer reach and intelligent welding capabilities.

Further applications with the LBR iiwa and the KMR iiwa

The 17th China International Industry Fair (CIIF) took place at the beginning of November in the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Across more than 200,000 square meters, upwards of 2,000 exhibitors demonstrated their products and solutions to over 120,000 visitors from China and all over the world. The 2015 edition of the international industrial trade show boasted nine principal exhibitions, including the “Robotics Show”. Besides the new KR CYBERTECH series, visitors to the KUKA booth got to experience direct collaboration between humans and robots in several applications using the KUKA lightweight robot LBR iiwa and its mobile colleague, the KMR iiwa.
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