KUKA supports Tettnang School of Electrical Engineering

Young people are particularly interested in robots. In partnership with the Tettnang School of Electrical Engineering, KUKA offers students the opportunity to gain experience in working with them.

2016년 9월 2일

Ever more fields of application for robots are emerging, including areas outside the production environment. For “digital natives”, the generation growing up with the Internet, smartphones and tablets, the increasing digitization of everyday life is a matter of course. With courses at KUKA College, KUKA helps young people to gain qualifications in working with robots. To this end, the Tettnang School of Electrical Engineering (est) in Baden-Württemberg is provided with KUKA robots which the students use to learn about programming and collaboration.

Not just another school subject – students at the Tettnang Electrical Engineering School learn to work with robots

Flagship project of the Tettnang School of Electrical Engineering

In the Lake Constance region of Germany, the “est” has an excellent reputation for its apprenticeship and continuing education opportunities in electrical engineering – in particular when it comes to automation, information and communications technology. Some 900 students currently attend the school. The cooperation between KUKA and the school began in 2008. One year later, KUKA supplied the “est” with the first training cell containing a KUKA robot equipped with a Gripp parallel gripper. 

Ongoing expansion of range of courses in ‘Industrial robotics’

The first course began in 2009/2010 with twelve students, all of whom were certified by KUKA College at the end of the school year. For the following year, an additional robot cell was acquired, which then allowed 24 students to take part in the course. Since its inception, the program has proved to be very popular with students, with the result that it has been continuously expanded. The elective “Advanced Programming” has been on offer since September 2010. In 2014, the school acquired the KUKA College Education Bundle with the KUKA robot from the KR AGILUS series. The “est” meanwhile has four training centers. 

KUKA robots in the classroom

Students bring a great deal of enthusiasm and motivation to the courses. To date, all participants have passed the obligatory year-end test which allows them to be certified by KUKA. In total, over 300 students have been certified by KUKA College. “The support and assistance from the College are excellent”, reports Jochen Würstle, Principal of the Tettnang Electrical Engineering School. 

Both students and KUKA reap the benefits

For students, it is something special to work directly with a KUKA robot. Remarks such as “The subject is not as dry as others” or “It’s cool to test the things we’ve learned on a robot” are not uncommon. Christian Schick, who teaches the subject of Energy/Automation Technology confirms: “The College is a real highlight for the students”. KUKA also benefits from the project. A former student from Tettnang now works at KUKA College in Augsburg. The result is ‘Generation R’ – a generation of “robotic natives” for whom working with robots is a matter of course.

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