The KUKA Student Award 2017 in France for the Generation 4.0

Over a period of seven months, more than 60 teams will be competing at the KUKA Student Award in France. Each team comprises one professor and four students. The ultimate goal is to conceive a 3D printed bridge with a newly developed 3D printing KUKA robot. For this educative project KUKA France has realized an innovative 3D printing head. The winner will be granted a KUKA industrial robot.

2016년 12월 22일

The innovative 3D printing head, here mounted on a KR AGILUS, was realized specifically for the Student Award 2017 by KUKA France.

Building bridges with KUKA robots

Transferring the numerical world into the real world – that is what the participants of the KUKA Student Award 2017 are going to learn. More than 60 teams, each comprising a professor and four students, will be competing against each other. Their objective: they will design a bridge 500 mm in length in a 3D modeling software, which will then be printed using a 3D KUKA printing head. The printing head can be mounted on a small size robot KR AGILUS as well as the collaborative lightweight robot LBR iiwa. The force sensitive LBR iiwa will be used to apply forces and test the bridge’s structure of each team. During the Grand Final, the jury composed of industrial partners will evaluate not only technical aspects of the project, but also the soft skills and team spirit during the presentation of the students. Special prizes will be awarded to honor the best team, the most original design and the strongest bridge.

Transferring the digital world into the real word

“Today’s young people are already well familiarized with the digital world through smartphones and tablet PCs. It is our goal to show them the possibilities of modern technology to create something real using digital means. It was therefore a very conscious decision to let the teams build a bridge, because that is exactly what they are learning: building a bridge between the numerical world and the real world“, says Christian Verbrugge, sales director for innovation and manufacturing at KUKA France. He is looking to arouse the participants‘ interest in the innovative world of robotics – a continuously growing industry in which qualified new employees will always be welcome. The winner team will be chosen in June 2017 with the first prize being an industrial robot by KUKA.

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