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Pharmaceutical Automation

KUKA supplies high-quality, certified robotics for the pharmaceutical production chain, ensuring the highest quality standards and reproducibility. Precise cleanroom robots guarantee the highest possible cleanliness and minimal particle emissions.

Automation as a key success factor: From laboratory research to drug manufacturing

In the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and life sciences industries, maintaining consistent manufacturing quality while ensuring a high degree of flexibility is essential. Important requirements include increasing standardization, the optimization of production processes and compliance with legal regulations. To overcome challenges, reliable and secure automation systems are necessary to control, monitor, and analyze all pharmaceutical processes.

KUKA offers comprehensive solutions for the supply of raw materials, the processing of end products in cleanroom environments, the handling of sterilized equipment, packaging, palletizing and the management of intralogistics.

New standards in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry 

With internationally certified robotics, comprehensive industry expertise and customized customer service, we increase your productivity and provide a decisive competitive advantage for pharmaceutical companies.
  • Increase in production volumes

    • High-speed robots
    • Robotics with high precision and repeat accuracy
    • Round-the-clock operation possible
    • High availability of robot systems (99.9%)
  • Compliance with regulatory standards/quality guarantee

    • Certified robots, cobots and AMRs for cleanrooms
    • Robotics with Hygienic Oil (HO) and in the Hygienic Machine (HM) version
    • Complete tracking through seamless documentation
  • Adaptability to production changes

    • Fast configuration of new pharmaceutical production processes
    • Simple integration into the system control as well as visualization and operation
    • Flexible mobile solutions for intralogistics
  • Reduction of production costs

    • Increased efficiency
    • Consistent quality of pharmaceutical products
    • Reduction in the reject rate
    • Reduction in manual workload

Automation solutions along the entire production chain 

In today's dynamic world, the variety of medicines, food supplements and cosmetics is constantly increasing. Reliable automation solutions for packaging, palletizing, warehouse management, material loading and laboratory automation are therefore essential. As a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions, we offer advanced technologies that meet the requirements of these fast-moving industries.
  • A mobile, autonomous supply chain

    KUKA AMRs increase the level of autonomy and intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry, ensure operation in dynamic environments and are easy to integrate into existing systems.

    Learn more about KUKA AMR-Portfolio

  • Processing and handling of pharmaceuticals

    KUKA offers precise robotics for laboratory automation that are both safe and user-friendly. They increase efficiency and quality in the laboratory and at the same time ensure the safety of personnel.

    Robots for cleanroom and laboratory applications

  • Fast picking and sorting processes

    Robots enable precise, fast and accurate handling of pharmaceutical products, reduce human error and improve traceability.

    Precise robots for the high-speed range

  • Contamination-free handling and packaging

    Robots operate at high speeds, which increases the overall efficiency of packaging and filling processes. This feature is particularly useful in large-scale pharmaceutical production, where large quantities of products need to be processed uniformly in a short time. Uniformity is crucial to meet regulatory requirements and ensure product quality.

  • Production monitoring

    The level of automation and digitalization in laboratories is constantly increasing. This is solved by intelligent IoT platforms such as iiQoT, which enable technical monitoring of laboratory equipment and intelligent asset management.

    Learn more about KUKA iiQoT

  • Palletizing pharmaceuticals

    KUKA palletizing robots increase performance in storage and distribution processes through consistently high speed, which is essential in pharmaceutical manufacturing for fast packaging and shipping of large quantities.

    KUKA Palettierroboter Portfolio

Pharmaceutical automation: challenges and opportunities

In this e-book, you’ll learn more about the latest trends in the pharmaceutical industry. It explores how robotics help overcome challenges, and it includes case studies from companies that have already taken the leap into automation.
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The guarantors of efficiency and purity in pharma production

KUKA robots meet the highest cleanroom requirements and are ISO 14644-1 certified by the Fraunhofer IPA. Their sealed housing and smooth, shiny surface enable safe handling of active ingredients and sterile products. Due to the low cleanroom classes from ISO class 2, they are ideal for large-scale production in the pharmaceutical industry.

Safe AMR solutions for pharmaceutical logistics

Thanks to advanced sensor technology, code-free programming software and state-of-the-art battery technology, our autonomous mobile robots offer the perfect solution for your logistics requirements. They navigate safely through warehouses and production halls, transport goods precisely and reliably, and ensure seamless traceability.

Do you need help automating your application?

Please contact us for personal advice and customized solutions. Alternatively, the customer portal my.KUKA offers you direct access to the KUKA world. You can use your account to purchase robots and spare parts, manage software licenses and view technical documents.

Customer examples: In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, KUKA robots also provide valuable services in medicine and care