E-learnings and webinars on the subject of robot technology

First-class online robotics training - tailored to your needs, conducted by experts, free of charge.

E-Learning: Basics of Robotics


  • learn more about accuracy and repeatability

  • getting to know the components of a robotic cell

  • getting to know programming languages and methods of robots

  • getting to know the basic of robot configuration

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High-quality robot training offers a first introduction to KUKA robotics

E-Learning: First steps with the KUKA smartPad 


  • getting to know operating elements and their functions
  • connecting the KUKA smartPAD to the controller
  • navigating with the user interface
  • selecting and setting operating modes
  • basics about moving the robot manually
  • interpreting first messages
  • change user groups


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Getting to know and using KUKA SmartPAD made easy

E-Learning: Mastering a KUKA Robot


  • become familiar with technical background of mastering a robot 

  • become familiar with measuring equipment and its use

  • understanding the determination of the mechanical zero point via the measuring notch

  • distinguishing between standard mastering and mastering with load correction

  • unmastering the robot via the smartPAD

  • follow the complete procudure of a standard mastering

  • getting to know the basic procedure of an mastering with load correction


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Understanding the mastering of a KUKA robot
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