Corporate structure of KUKA AG

KUKA is one of the world’s leading specialists in automation. We offer our customers in many different industries the full range of products and services from a single source: from the robot component to manufacturing cells, turnkey systems and networked production with the aid of cloud-based IT tools.

In order to optimize our support for you to maximize your added value, we have bundled our extensive automation and digitization expertise in four divisions. Discover KUKA’s new corporate structure on this page.

KUKA divisions

Division Industries

The Division Industries has suitable products and solutions for customers of all sizes from a wide range of industries: From industrial robots and ready2_use packages to cells and customer-specific solutions.

For automotive suppliers, the electronics industry and many other sectors, we supply the right answers when it comes to questions about intelligent automation. Our aim is to be the leading partner for robotic automation.

Powerful, efficient, flexible: KUKA has the right industrial robot for every task.

Focal points of the Division Industries:

  • Automotive suppliers

  • Electronics industry

  • Machine tool industry

  • Foodstuffs industry

  • Plastics industry

  • Medical technology

  • Welding, foundry and forging industry

Division Automotive

In the Automotive Division, we bundle all our expertise in automotive system and special-purpose machine construction as well as in systems engineering for the aerospace industry – from engineering and testing to servicing.

As the world's leading expert in robotic automation and as a reliable partner, we support you throughout the entire value chain.

From the investment phase onwards, over the complete life cycle, we will supply you with all the required facilities for vehicle production.

The perfect vehicle body: intelligent networking of robots enables efficient production.

Division Consumer Goods & Logistics Automation

We are revolutionizing the future of logistics with robotic and data-driven automation solutions for warehouses and distribution centers. Based on comprehensive data analyses and in-depth industry expertise, we will find the right Industrie 4.0 and robotic solutions for your company. The objective of the Division Consumer Goods & Logistics Automation is to maximize the efficiency, flexibility and speed of your intralogistics processes.

We will support you in the planning, design and implementation of the solutions and offer comprehensive support services throughout their life cycle.

Fit for the future: optimize your warehouses and distribution centers with our automated intralogistics systems.

Focal points of the Division Consumer Goods & Logistics Automation:

  • Storage and buffering with pallet and light goods technology

  • Conveying and transportation for an efficient flow of materials

  • Auxiliary picking techniques for inventory management

  • Picking principles such as person-to-goods, zone-to-zone and goods-to-person

  • Fully automatic picking solutions

  • Modular, software-based warehouse management systems


For more detailed information, visit the website of KUKA subsidiary Swisslog Logistics Automation.

Division Healthcare

In the Division Healthcare, we combine our expertise in the fields of robotics, transport automation, medication management, warehousing and logistics to optimize processes and systems in hospitals and pharmacies

Our automation solutions reduce the time requirements and scope for errors when it comes to material transport and regularly recurring tasks. They can be simply integrated into existing systems and work processes or used to expand them.

More time for patients: automation boosts the efficiency of your processes and systems.

Focal points of the Division Healthcare:

  • Material transport

  • Medication management

  • Drug dispensing

  • Goods storage, retrieval and transportation

  • Picking and packaging systems

  • Document and cash management


For more detailed information, visit the website of KUKA subsidiary Swisslog Healthcare.

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