Vision and mission

KUKA is one of the leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions. Our products and solutions have been simplifying the lives and work of people around the world for more than 100 years.

Automation solutions for strong markets

As a global automation powerhouse, KUKA boasts a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions. This ranges from individual robots and robotic cells for automated production steps all the way to large-scale customized systems. KUKA focuses on profitable high-growth markets such as automotive and aerospace, and the company has also increased its activity in sectors such as consumer goods and e-commerce. Our solutions enable our customers across the globe to operate more successfully in their respective industries.

Using ‘Orange Intelligenz’ for our customers’ benefit

KUKA creates added value through the interplay of various skills and expertise. This can involve hardware and mechanical systems, or customers, partners and suppliers. Uniting the various facets of our company and our range of expertise is a central aspect of our company mission statement and defines our ‘Orange Intelligenz’. Each and every service and product is a result of this melding, provides our customers with added value and helps them to turn their visions into reality.

KUKA’s vision and mission: to create unique solutions through the interaction of expertise in different areas.

Ready for the factory of tomorrow

Megatrends such as globalization, digitization and demographic changes are transforming the world and the global economy. As a driver of innovation in the automation industry, KUKA supplies the key technologies and solutions for Industrie 4.0 and the factory of tomorrow. This includes sensitive robots for human-robot collaboration, mobile platforms and autonomous navigation.
At KUKA, the factory of the future has already become a reality.

Our KUKA leadership principles

Our employees are behind all of these smart solutions. KUKA offers various opportunities for development at internal continuing education facilities as well as specialist and management development programs, in order to support KUKA employees the world over. Our employees share common values within a homogeneous leadership model. Fairness is as important to us as the compatibility of family and working life. KUKA supports women in MINT professions and has its eye on talented newcomers by offering fair internships and participating in university cooperations and career fairs.
Unsere KUKAner auf der Hannover Messe
They are the reason for KUKA’s success: our employees.

KUKA’s vision and mission: looking to the future

Guided by the challenges of the future, our company is embracing its ecological responsibility by producing energy-efficient robots and resource-efficient technologies. Our products may have changed over the course of the past 100 years. Our employees’ passion for technology, innovation and quality is as deep as ever.
From street lighting to the robots of the future – read more about the  history of KUKA.
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