KUKA cell4_premachining

Compact and modularly-designed robot cell for economic reworking, such as deburring, sawing, milling or cleaning and grinding work on various components and materials.

KUKA robot cell for deburring with many options for individual adaptation

Whether as a deburring cell, milling cell or grinding cell: the KUKA cell4_premachining manufacturing cell combines performance and quality with maximum flexibility and user-friendliness. The standard cell can be customized to provide tailor-made solutions in the field of deburring technology by means of versatile, modular packages and automation options.

Thanks to their forklift-compatible base frames, the cells are transportable and can therefore be quickly relocated and integrated into existing production lines.

KUKA deburring cell for maximum efficiency with minimum integration effort

  • Extremely economical

    Uniform standards for a perfectly-coordinated, global production landscape and reduced service costs

  • Ideal machining position

    Rotary module for optimum alignment of the workpieces to the machining tool and stable, reproducible position thanks to rigid robot kinematics

  • Powerful motor spindle

    Compact motor spindle to easily influence the machining parameters thanks to direct integration into the robot control

  • Powerful machining robot

    High compactness of all moving axis lengths for low moment introduction into the bearing arrangement

    KR QUANTEC nano

Software package: robot can load as well as deburr

The KUKA Milling technology package ensures optimum coordination of robot, positioner and motor spindle.

Efficient reworking with KUKA machining cell

The main components of KUKA cell4_premachining are:
  • One KR QUANTEC nano including robot controller
  • KUKA Milling application software
  • Powerful motor spindle and a 13-fold tool changer
  • KUKA 3-axis positioner KP3-V2V-3

In addition, there are further options such as a trimming conveyor or component-specific devices.


Find further details and the scope of delivery in the flyer.
Machining cell KUKA cell4_premachining
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