KUKA cell4_spot

Automation cell for spot welding: quickly available as a standard product and highly customizable thanks to extensive additional modules and expansion options

Economic welding solution: robot cell for spot welding with intelligent module system

Pre-assembled and ready for immediate use: The modular KUKA cell4_spot is readily available and easy to integrate. Thanks to numerous hardware and software options, it can be individually configured and expanded – perfectly adapted to your production volume and specific requirements at an excellent price/performance ratio.

Compact spot-welding cell offers cost-efficient automation especially for the automotive supply industry

  • Space-saving design

    Cell with small footprint and available with mirrored layout for space-saving, side-by-side installation

  • Intelligent cell concept

    Compact design with good accessibility for maintenance work and easy expansion for stationary processes 
  • Simple and fast integration

    Modular design for fast transport and easy programming via KUKA welding software
  • Short delivery times

    High availability thanks to preconfigured and readily deliverable components 

Expandable and scalable: variants of the KUKA production cell for resistance welding

Depending on component size and shape, the spot-welding cell is available in different versions and can be upgraded with an optional expansion module if required – for example for additional stationary processes or with additional spot-welding applications for higher cycle rates.

KUKA cell4_arc midsize: high-performance cell for industrial arc welding

Standard configurations:
Cell typ cell4_arc midsize KP1A single KR cell4_arc midsize KP3-V2H dual KR cell4_arc midsize KP3-V2H single KR cell4_arc midsize KP5 single KR
Lenght 8.120 mm 8.120 mm 8.120 mm 8.120 mm
Width 3.010 mm 3.840 mm 
Hight 3.020 mm
Robot KR CYBERTECH nano (KR 8 R2010) KR CYBERTECH nano (2 x KR 6 R1820) KR CYBERTECH nano (KR 8 R2010) KR CYBERTECH nano (KR 8 R2010)
Positioner KP1-V2T1000
KP3-V2H1000 L2000 R600 KP3-V2H1000 L2000 R600 KP5-V2SV500 R600
TCP control device
Insertion area
Light curtain and laser scanner 

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