KUKA flexibleCELL for efficient welding automation

KUKA flexibleCELL is a robot cell consisting of modular standard packages. It can be adapted to the requirements of a unique and dynamic production environment in an optimum fashion by way of customized automation options.

The advantages of KUKA flexibleCELL

The KUKA flexibleCELL robot cell provides you with the optimum solution for welding large and heavy components.

Plug and play: seamless integration into production processes

The use of prefabricated standard components allows you to plan purposefully from the very beginning, operate the robot cell intuitively and also maintain it in a simple manner. With these properties, the KUKA flexibleCELL supports the long-term process reliability of a modern production system.

Modular design for individual combinations

With the KUKA flexibleCELL robot cell, you can use standard packages with custom-tailored automation options to create simple solutions for specific tasks and react dynamically to changes in the manufacturing environment. You can increase productivity significantly by integrating all of the available components in your production network. This requires open interfaces and intelligent control. As a manufacturer of flexible systems for automated production, KUKA has the experience and expertise to develop and implement cost-effective complete solutions with high process reliability.

Benefit from the advantages of the KUKA flexibleCELL

  • Optimally coordinated components ensure that the production process is stable

  • Industrie 4.0-compatible thanks to the networking of all components and the use of the latest robot and control technology

  • Quick integration into your production environment thanks to ready-to-use standards and short delivery times

    Discover the benefits of the KUKA flexibleCELL welding cell for yourself. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

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