Laser welding using the KUKA flexibleCELL laser

The all-rounder amongst robot cells is the KUKA flexibleCELL laser. It can be equipped with a wide range of positioning units and thus offers maximum flexibility for individual laser welding processes.

Perfectly matched to your production requirements

The pre-assembled KUKA flexibleCELL laser robot cell can be put into operation immediately and can be adapted optimally to meet your specific automated welding requirements. It can be equipped with different positioning units and various hardware and software options. The KUKA flexibleCELL laser makes laser welding automation easier than ever as a result of these benefits.

Customized technology packages for every requirement

We equip your KUKA flexibleCELL laser robot cell with technology packages – perfectly matched to your specific laser requirements such as laser welding, laser cladding, laser hybrid welding, laser brazing, laser cutting and other laser technologies.

KUKA flexibleCELL laser: our custom-tailored complete solution

The KUKA flexibleCELL laser robot cell combines robot-based laser machining with gantry solutions. KUKA selects the optimum automation solution for your laser welding application from the world’s largest range of robot and gantry kinematic systems, based on your specific production requirements.

The ideal positioner for your welding automation

KUKA’s wide variety of positioners allow for the best possible orientation of components both for loading and unloading as well as for laser machining in the KUKA flexibleCELL laser robot cell. There is a very broad spectrum of positioners to choose from when selecting your positioner. Depending on the level of automation desired and required, you have a range of options to choose from: from standardized to customized and application-specific positioners.

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