KUKA ready2_fasten_micro

With ready2_fasten_micro, KUKA offers a solution for the robot-assisted fastening of the tiny screws that are often found in small electronics devices. The complete package is designed so that it is easy to install and use regardless of application knowledge.

Robot-assisted fastening of tiny screws: maximum performance in minimal space

Electronic products are getting smaller and smaller – a very short delivery time and quick ROI are key for the players in this market. KUKA provides an easily integratable KUKA ready2_fasten_micro package for manufacturers of small parts and products. The package offers a unique and flexible application to easily tighten micro screws (M0.8 – M2) with a 6-axis robot ready for Industrie 4.0. Unlike manual workers, gantry or SCARA robots, this KUKA ready2_use package combines higher flexibility, stable quality and high accuracy with an attractive ROI.

Complete automation package for mounting of microscrews

Easy installation of microscrews

Automated screw fastening with ready2_fasten_micro: advantages

  • Higher flexibility. Multi-purpose 6-axis kinematics, ceiling mount option.
  • Standardization. Robot can be used for other process steps in the production line.
  • One-stop-shopping. For the entire screw fastening solution.
  • Industrie 4.0 ready. With app for KUKA Connect.
  • Ease of use. By application software on powerful KUKA controller system.
  • Best in Class Robot. KR 3 AGILUS tailor-made for the electronics industry.
Fasten the tiny M1 and M2 screws with the KUKA ready2 _fasten_micro.

KUKA ready2_fasten_micro at a glance:


  • KR C4 compact controller

  • Screw spindle with integrated rotation angle and torque control

  • Pneumatic compact guidance for individual adaption of the contact pressure on the screw

  • Pneumatic unit for providing compressed air

  • Application controller 19" with integrated screwdriving controller

  • Connection cables electric and pneumatic

  • Application software for programming and parameterisation of the tightening process



KUKA ready2_fasten_micro is useful for all micro screw applications, but is particularly relevant to the field of electronics production, smart phone and display production, where products have a short life cycle and manufacturing companies are exposed to grueling pressure to innovate at increasing rates.

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