ready2_educate_KORE Cart

The hands-on educational robot solution for high schools, community colleges, universities, and technical centers to further educate students and teach operational skills, fundamentals and control technology programming using real robotic hardware.

The KUKA Robotics KORE program offers high schools, technical centers, community colleges and universities the opportunity to incorporate certificate-based robot education on KUKA products into their STEM, advanced manufacturing and mechatronics programs. With the KUKA KORE packages, students will learn basic robot programming and operational skills from exercise hardware this is similar to what is used in the KUKA College. Through the KORE program, students will learn fundamental robot basics on the same robots and control technology that is utilized in a variety of industries.

Benefits of using KUKA’s KORE program in classrooms

  • Adding robotic learning to career technical education programs.
  • Project-centered activities prepare students working with real world industrial robots presenting Manufacturer Certified Training.
  • Combine innovative robotic curriculum certification with career cluster credential.
  • Support community workforce retraining initiatives.
  • Certificate to KUKA end user customers and system integrators.
KUKA ready2_educate_KORE Cart Package

KUKA Supports STEM Robotics Education

Student involvement and STEM education.

ready2_educate_KORE Cart Package at a glance:

  • 12 module KORE Program Curriculum including course labs, tests and student manuals
  • Portable KORE Cart constructed of welded steel frame
  • KR 6 R700 robot from KR AGILUS serie with KR C4 compact controller and KUKA smartPAD teach pendant
  • Portable KORE Cart
  • Retractable workspace
  • Retractable stabilization outriggers
  • Quiet air compressor included
  • 110 V transformer
  • Rugged industrial lockable casters
  • Safety interlocked access doors
  • Schunk gripper module with overload protection device
  • Size: collapsed: 31.75" wide x 54" long, expanded: 81.5" wide x 54" long

ready2_educate_KORE Cart Curriculum Package at a glance:

  • Course curriculum manuals
  • 15-seat server license of KUKA.SimPro & KUKA.OfficeLite simulation & programming software
  • KORE Reference Exercise Hardware Mounting Sub Plate
  • KORE Wave Plate with replaceable surface
  • Aluminum handling blocks & receiver tray
  • Tool Center Point (TCP) Teaching Tool
  • Aluminum dry erase pointer / marker tool and stand
  • Dry erase drawing board
  • Wire ring tracing loop tool and stand
  • Wire trace teaching tools and stand
  • Instructor presentation
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