Automated spot welding 

KUKA offers optimally coordinated and quickly available solutions for cost-effective, high-quality spot welding with short cycle times.

KUKA spot welding technology from robots to complete spot welding systems

Cost-effective and high-quality spot welds even for specific requirements: KUKA products with short delivery times enable customized solutions for automating spot welding – from spot welding robots with high payload capacities and optional external axes to complete spot welding lines with perfectly matched components.

Vehicle construction, body-in-white production and more: KUKA spot welding robots in the metal industry

Robotic spot welding: KUKA robots make spot welds on parts such as aluminum or steel rocker panels and wheel arches.

Advantages of robotic spot welding with KUKA

KUKA spot welding technology combines maximum speed with high accuracy, thereby ensuring top quality and utmost efficiency in robot-controlled spot welding.

  • Speed

    KUKA robots weld at a speed of 1.5 s per spot.

  • Accuracy

    KUKA robots weld extremely precisely with a high repeatability and a point accuracy of 1 mm.

  • High availability

    Standardized products with short delivery times and proven technology ensure maximum availability. 

  • Perfectly matched components

    KUKA offers technology that can be perfectly combined, such as welding software or positioners and linear units.

Are you interested in KUKA spot welding robots?

Ask for more information about KUKA products for spot welding or request a non-binding quotation. We are happy to advise you.

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KUKA software for spot welding

KUKA offers special application software and software options for highly cost-effective spot welding processes exactly to fit your needs:

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