KUKA ready2_handle

We provide the modules you need to build your solution according to your requirements. The KUKA ready2_handle package consists of several components matched to each other as a turnkey Industrie 4.0 solution for handling tasks. The mobile robot unit facilitates handling tasks and is easy to integrate into your planning.

KUKA ready2_handle: flexible performance of handling tasks

The KUKA ready2_handle package is a combination of preconfigured modules for handling tasks. Manual activities such as picking up and loading sensitive components can be automated. This provides you with ideal support for all kinds of handling tasks – including fluent changeover between manual and automated activities.

While the robot grips and moves a workpiece, the human operator can process the next workpiece. KUKA has thus created the basis for human-robot collaboration even in very restricted spaces.

KUKA ready2_handle: your advantages

Flexibility in automation

The reduced engineering and commissioning effort required opens up new possibilities in the planning and implementation of systems. You can flexibly automate several manual workstations with a single robot system.  

Productivity and quality

The calibration procedure with pre-positioning and manual guidance permits handling of various components at different stations, with no risk of damage. The decoupling of the auxiliary activities enables you to increase productivity. Quality is improved thanks to reproducible processes. Use of the KUKA ready2_handle allows you to avoid major follow-up investments. 

Reduction of manual workload

Employees no longer need perform monotonous and unpleasant activities which may be hazardous to health: the robot takes them on. Safety fencing is no longer required. 

KUKA ready2_handle in a component handling application

The KUKA ready2_handle reacts sensitively – and is thus HRC-capable.

KUKA ready2_handle: the components

The KUKA ready2_handle package consists of matched components – from the end effector and the robot through to the platform. Read on to find out more about the components that make it the ideal solution.

The modular KUKA ready2_handle package for handling tasks

End effector: sensitive and pneumatic grippers

The KUKA grippers of the ready2_handle package are rounded with no sharp edges, which makes them ideal for use in conjunction with the LBR iiwa:

  • KUKA LBR gripper sensitive R800
    The KUKA LBR gripper sensitive R800 regulates the gripping force sensitively. You can use the optional safety jaws to limit the forces to values that will not cause injury.
  • KUKA pneumatic LBR grippers in three variants
    • Two-jaw parallel gripper in short stroke version 
    • Two-jaw parallel gripper in long stroke version
    • Three-jaw centric gripper
  • KUKA 3D-printed pneumatic LBR grippers in two variants
    • Two-jaw gripper for internal/external gripping
    • Expansion gripper 

Find out more about our grippers in the product portfolio.

The sensitive gripper handles components with very great sensitivity and precision – ideal for handling tasks.

Robot: LBR iiwa

With the LBR iiwa the ready2_handle package acquires an extremely precise and agile arm. The sensitive lightweight robot LBR iiwa is suitable for industrial use and permits collaboration between humans and robots even in the most restricted spaces. This makes the LBR iiwa ideal for handling processes.

  • The LBR iiwa is available with two payload capacities: 7 and 14 kilograms
  • All seven axes of the LBR iiwa are equipped with integral sensitive joint torque sensors – for contact detection and programmable compliance.

    Find out more about the LBR iiwa.
The high-precision sensor system of the LBR iiwa ensures it achieves the best quality when handling components.

Platform: flexFELLOW

The basic module of the KUKA ready2_handle package is the mobile platform. The mobile robot unit created jointly with the LBR iiwa permits both manual and automated activities at the same time. The unit can be moved to the place of use in a very short time. 

  • The base of the LBR iiwa consists of a function plate, an optional pneumatic unit, the base unit and a unit with fork slots for transport.
  • Two height variants are available for you to choose.

The flexFELLOW and the flexFELLOW-family offer you even more flexibility – find out more.

The mobile robot unit forms the basic module. It can be relocated in seconds and used directly. 

Additional components

All the components you need for direct use are already incorporated in the mobile platform with the installed KUKA LBR iiwa and end effector: 

  • Pneumatic gripper for specific loading tasks, selectable in the KUKA Sunrise.Gripper Toolbox
  • Control panel KUKA smartPAD for intuitive control of the robot, with flexibly deployable user interfaces
  • Stack lights to provide visual indication of the system status
  • Cooling unit and service unit as integral features for power supply and network communications

Optional components

You can equip the ready2_handle package with additional components:

  • flexFELLOW-family: Our auxiliary trolleys in the flexFELLOW series provide you with additional mobile units – from the support trolley and the drawers trolley to the material rack trolley.
  • Other application-specific components such as HMI (Human-Machine Interface) and various supply connections are available.

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