KUKA Mobile Robotic Platform (MRP)

Our Mobile Robotic Platform is a state-of-the-art production system for automated drilling, countersinking, sealant application and the setting of solid rivets, lockbolts and blind rivets.

KUKA Mobile Robotic Platform: Welcome to Industrie 4.0

The KUKA MRP enables the automated drilling and riveting of aircraft structures. The platform combines tried-and-tested production technologies with flexible automation – a successful example of increased efficiency and Industrie 4.0.

The MRP in operation

The KUKA Mobile Robotic Platform utilizes the available space and is immediately to hand. 

Advantages of the Mobile Robotic Platform

Depending on customer requirements, the KUKA MRP can be moved wherever it is needed either manually (with its integrated air cushion) or fully automatically (by means of AGV/KUKA omniMove). It optimizes your work sequences, optimally utilizes the available space and thus saves valuable production time. You also benefit from the following advantages:

Immediately productive and ready for operation

With the KUKA MRP, the manual installation of hole patterns is no longer necessary. Depending on the hole size and customer process, a hole can be drilled and riveted very quickly. You thus save time in aircraft assembly and boost your productivity.


Process-efficient and space-saving

The KUKA Mobile Robotic Platform brings all the required tools and connecting elements to the product. It thus gets around the logistical challenges arising from the size of the aircraft components.

Flexible and precise

The KUKA MRP can be put into customer-specific operation for any drilling and riveting process – especially in cases where this process is difficult to manage manually (for example drilling through titanium, orbital drilling, etc.). You can thus boost your efficiency, reduce the physical burden on your workforce and achieve consistently high quality.

KUKA MRP: the components

The KUKA Mobile Robotic Platform has all the properties required for assembling aircraft structures. The following components make this possible:

Air cushion: precision positioning

With the aid of the integrated air cushion, the MRP can be moved to the desired position – using an electric tractor if required for longer distances.

Drilling tool and rivet type presentation system: fast changing

Thanks to the drill magazine for different drill types and diameters and the rivet changing system for different rivet types, you can quickly and easily change between different drills and rivet types.

Various drilling tools and rivet types wait in the presentation system until they are required.

Multi-function end effector: equipped for every eventuality

The KUKA MRP also has a support for the KUKA multi-function end effector. This provides you with speed, reproducible precision, high quality and flexibility. The high-speed barrel-type end effector with slip compensation and normal compensation is equipped with a flexible and reconfigurable barrel with six positions and different modules. Each position can be equipped with one of the following modules:

  • Spindle module
  • Vision module
  • Sealant application module
  • Rivet setting module
  • Quality module
  • Hammer module
The KUKA multi-function end effector ensures maximum flexibility and precision.

Vertical axis for the robot: mobile in all directions

The two larger versions of the KUKA MRP have a Z-axis that considerably extends the reach of the machine.

The Z-axis gives the KUKA MRP additional reach and flexibility.

Laser scanners: for safe surroundings

Depending on the customer solution, the KUKA MRP is fitted with laser scanners that monitor the surroundings of the MRP including robot. The size of the monitored zone can be individually adapted to the work station. The operator panel of the MRP is located outside the safety zone and thus remains accessible for the operator at all times.

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