Robot based ride: the new KUKA coaster

At the IAAPA in Orlando/Florida, KUKA presented the latest generation of the KUKA Coaster

18. novembra 2015

Industrial robot as amusement ride

The KUKA Coaster is a six-axis industrial robot with a gondola for two people mounted on its arm. It offers the passenger freely programmable motion combinations, guaranteeing high-speed action rides consisting of wild rotations, daring loop-the-loops and spectacular swivel motions. The passenger never knows what to expect next. This is because unlike a conventional roller coaster, where the layout of the track hints at the next motions of the carriage, the KUKA Coaster constantly surprises its passengers with new, unexpected twists and turns. The six degrees of freedom of the robot enable maximum maneuverability and a three-dimensional ride experience. Surrounded by an appropriately themed setting and reinforced by sound and light effects, the KUKA Coaster has been the crowd-puller in theme parks, family entertainment centers and large amusement parks for many years now.  KUKA was able to supply more than 50 systems of the old generation worldwide. Now it is time for the successor.

Simple access and new gondolas to the KUKA Coaster

The new generation of the KUKA Coaster enables simple access at ground level without the need for ramps or steps. Furthermore, KUKA will be exhibiting a new two-seater gondola at the IAAPA Expo, equipped with an additional protective function for the passengers’ feet. The structural changes required on site for the new generation are limited to the essential technical elements, however. The KUKA Coaster is controlled using a new operator panel with a touch screen. You can find out more about the new KUKA Coaster in the video interview with Mike Beaupre, Market Segment Manager Entertainment at KUKA Robotics USA.

The KUKA Coaster is safe

For all the fun of the ride, it is reassuring to know that the KUKA Coaster is the first robot licensed to carry passengers, being certified by the German technical inspectorate TÜV as conforming to EN 13814 (DIN 4112) and thus to the relevant safety standards. This is the result of a reliable design and production technology that has proven its worth all over the world. Its structural components and gear units are 100% certified. Mechanical stops and continuous electronic monitoring provide added safety. The latest generation of the service-proven KUKA Safe Operation technology package is used in the KUKA Coaster, thereby ensuring absolute safety. There is thus no reason to put off an exciting ride in what must surely be considered one of the most innovative amusement rides.

KUKA Coaster convinces German TV stars

At the end of 2015, the German stars of a TV show enthused on air about their wild ride on the KUKA Coaster broadcast on the PRO 7 TV channel. In a special challenge, musician Smudo of the band “Die Fantastischen Vier” and actor Joko Winterscheidt had to attempt to throw basketballs into the basket immediately after a ride on the KUKA Coaster. The video can be viewed here.

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