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Robotics YouTube Star to Use KUKA Robot for Live Webseries

KUKA robot vs. Simone Giertz: Challenge Accepted! The popular YouTuber is livestreaming a weekly “duel” with KUKA’s lightweight, collaborative and safe robot, LBR iiwa, to see who wins the title of "mundane task master."

den 21 december 2017

For thirteen livestreamed webisodes, Simone invites the LBR iiwa – which she affectionately named “Kinematic Kitty” – into her workshop to take on a wide range of mundane yet entertaining tasks. The live webseries will air weekly on Fridays, from December 2017 to March 2018, on Simone’s YouTube channel. The webisodes will be available in a playlist afterwards.

With the collaborative KUKA robot LBR iiwa, Simone Giertz remains true to her motto: making robots automate things that seem like annoying chores to humans. In the past, she has made contraptions that brush teeth, apply lipstick, pour beer and perform other mundane tasks – although always with terribly hilarious results. With this concept, Simone has become a YouTube sensation over the past three years. She has even appeared on many talk shows around the world (just take this episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as an example).

Using the LBR iiwa provides her a new way to explore what happens when an advanced collaborative robot deals with mundane tasks.

She will be supported by technical experts from KUKA's new US West Coast office in Fremont, CA.

Live Duels between the LBR iiwa and Simone Giertz: Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) with a twist

The “duels” between the LBR iiwa and Simone focus on Human-Robot-Collaboration (HRC) in an entertaining manner. What works in Simone's workshop works similarly in an industrial setting: HRC-enabled, collaborative and sensitive lightweight robots are already directly working with humans in new production concepts. This provides a new perspective on industrial automation without having to put the robot behind a safety cage.

KUKA is happy and excited to sponsor this rising robotics star and help her take her robotics skills to a new level – maybe learning some useful new tricks along the way.