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KUKA Systems conquers new territory - KUKA wins major contract in the railway vehicle construction sector

Augsburg engineering and automation specialist KUKA Systems has achieved a breakthrough in the Russian market and is delighted to report a major contract from railway wagon manufacturer TVSZ

6 Ekim 2010

KUKA Systems is to supply the complete turnkey welding lines for the construction of the basic elements (side and end walls of the gondolas/hoppers, centre and side sills of the flat cars) for a total of four different wagon types in TVSZ’s Tikhvin plant, which is located about 250 kilometres east of St. Petersburg. Each line measures approximately 160 by 15 metres. Both sides, end walls and flat cars will be produced using gas metal arc and submerged arc welding processes. The highly automated welding cells are not common either in Russia nor in railway vehicle construction, KUKA Systems is setting the industry benchmark. The scope of supply includes 64 robots, 54 KUKA “KS Arctec” technology packages and positioners for parts weighing up to 20 tons. It is intended that some 10,000 wagons a year will be produced with the equipment. The order, which is focused on automated arc welding, also marks further expansion into one of its new market sectors underlining future potential for KUKA.

A KUKA service station to ensure supply with KUKA original spare parts will also be set up on site.

“For us this major contract is a breakthrough of our Industrial Solutions division and further strengthens our diversification strategy”, said Alan Macdonald, managing director of the relevant KUKA Systems division. “We have had excellent business links with the Russian market for many years, traditionally in the automotive sector. This new order allows us to put our expertise into practice in railway vehicle construction and use synergies actively.”

For KUKA Systems being successful in this contract tender means not only growth in a new market but also consistent, sustainable and planned expansion in the BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India and China). The railway vehicle construction sector is generally accepted as being paramount to future economic growth both in passenger and freight rail transport.

KUKA Aktiengesellschaft

KUKA Aktiengesellschaft is a global player with sales of about 1.3 billion euro and 6,000 employees worldwide. The KUKA brand stands for innovative technology in the field of automation for industrial manufacturing processes. KUKA is one of the world's leading suppliers of robot technology, as well as in plant and systems engineering. Over forty companies serve the automotive industry and forward-looking general industry markets such as solar, aerospace and medical technology.

KUKA Systems

KUKA Systems GmbH is an international supplier of flexible production systems to the automotive, aerospace, renewable energy and other industries in which highly automated processes are required. A workforce of around 3,780 worldwide works on ideas, concepts and solutions for automated production, as well as supplying products and services for virtually all tasks in the industrial processing of metallic and non-metallic materials.

In the industrial solutions field KUKA Systems supplies solutions for joining, assembly and handling. The process technologies, which include numerous forms of welding, bonding and cutting, are constantly being enhanced to form stand-alone solutions for the producing industry.

Its range of products and services is presented and marketed internationally by subsidiaries and offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia. KUKA Systems GmbH posted a total order volume of around €855 m in 2008.

A press photo is available on request.