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KUKA employees stay fit

New health initiative

23 Eylül 2011

The "fit for KUKA" theme struck a note with about 500 employees, who came to the company's Lechhausen site to gather information on current topics such as a healthy diet and how to sit properly at their workplace.

Staying seated in the same position for a long time can be damaging to the spine and may become painful. Even though this is a well-known fact, employees at the office seldom take a break to give their backs a rest. On the other hand, constantly being on the move, which is the case, for example, with KUKA's factory employees, can also lead to injury. Here, correct techniques must be used to prevent back problems caused by lifting, fastening bolts and screws or bending down. No wonder the back was a key topic at KUKA's health day. Anyone interested was able to sample a yoga session combined with a back workshop, which were provided in cooperation with AOK Augsburg (general health insurance branch).

Practicing prevention to stay healthy

But preventing back injuries was not the only thing offered at the health day seminars. Attendees were able to relax on massage chairs combined with light therapy. Other employees used the opportunity to have their blood sugar, cholesterol or blood pressure measured. A health insurance representative warned employees about the hazards of smoking cigarettes and gave tips on how to quit. KUKA's long-standing associate Allianz Generalvertretung Dzaiy sponsored exercise and fitness activities such as kicking soccer balls and scoring goals.

Further events planned

A key prerequisite for a competitive company is motivated and productive employees. This will only happen if they have the opportunity to stay healthy, also and especially at work. KUKA will therefore now hold regular seminars focused on health, which will inform employees about managing stress, preventing burnout and many other subjects. A weekly "back school" session will be held starting in October in cooperation with AOK. All employees are welcome and encouraged to attend.