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Research Interests

From sensitive collaborative robots to mobile robotics to Industry 4.0, our research develops technological foundations for innovation.

Intuitive Operation and Programming

Robot systems are highly complex and yet must be operational within a short time for everyday production.

To familiarize our customers and partners with the technology as quickly as possible, our research department develops new concepts and devices for simple, effective and efficient operation and programming.

KUKA develops innovative concepts and devices for the easy operation of complex robot systems.

Algorithms, Sensor Technologies and Geomentry

Today’s robot systems generally work in known environments where they perform predefined automated tasks.

In order for them to be more autonomous and to act intelligently in the future, we are developing new algorithms, integrating imaging and distance measurement sensors and continuously creating geometric models of the environment.

Algorithms, sensors and geometry make our robot systems even smarter and more autonomous.

Mechatronics, Safety and Energie Efficiency

As our robots become more powerful, they also use less energy and become more cost-effective. This is why we are continuing to develop resource-saving technologies and focusing on new materials and drive concepts.

In the factory of the future, human operators also work together with mobile and stationary robots in confined spaces. For these robots, we are continuing to develop comprehensive safety concepts and technologies. 

Safety concepts and technologies ensure greater efficiency during human-robot collaboration.

Akıllı veri ve altyapı

Büyük veri oranlarının tespit edilmesi ve analiz edilmesine yönelik en son teknolojiler kapsamında, verimli bir kullanım ve robotların uygulamalarla çok iyi uyumda çalışmaları sağlanmaktadır. Bu nedenle akıllı veri (Smart Data) ve altyapı araştırma bölümüne yatırım yapıyoruz.

Geliştirilen sistem yapısı ve teknolojileri yardımıyla, üretim süreçlerini simüle edebiliyor, sanal olarak tesisleri çalıştırabiliyor ve bu şekilde Industrie 4.0'ın sürekli olarak geliştirilebilmesini sağlayabiliyoruz.

Akıllı veri ve altyapılar sayesinde akıllı ağ bağlantıları, iletişim ve otonom, veriyle çalışan karar süreçlerini mümkün olmaktadır.

Demonstrators and Networking

The integration of technology developments into demonstrators allows for customer-focused evaluation and benchmarking. Through intensive exchange with the community within joint projects, trade fairs and association work, we make sure that research is used in socially relevant areas and to obtain a leading position in the industry.
Funded projects, demonstrators and networking ensure expedient and coordinated research activities.

Project Office

Modern automation in retail stores such as supermarkets is hardly available – apart from simple waste compactors or bottle deposit machines. The EU-funded research project REFILLS wants to change that. Together with well-known partners from robotics, KUKA and Swisslog are working on a robotics solution for the automation of the four classic logistics steps that can be found in almost every retail store. For that, a mobile robot system with the features of a modular system is used. The central unit, a flat transport carrier, connects to various other robot modules in order to process those logistics steps. After the initial scanning of the inventory and the storage of product data, incoming goods can be presorted into product categories and transported in portions to the corresponding shelves. The subsequent filling of the shelf is achieved in the first step with a collaborative robot system. Excess goods are returned to the warehouse autonomously. From there, the REFILL(s) process – refilling – is performed in the last step.

The KUKA Project Office

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