KUKA at the first digital Hannover Messe 2021

KUKA's 2030 mission: Make automation available to everyone

Easy access to robotics: That’s KUKA’s ambitious goal – and it therefore is presenting the first elements of a preview of an operating system of the future at the digital Hannover Messe 2021 from 12 to 16 April.

Our mission by 2030 is: Automation will be simpler, more intuitive, and thus available to everyone. This will lower the entry threshold. Programming a robot will then be as easy as working on a PC today

Peter Mohnen, CEO KUKA Group

Automation for new areas

Prototypes of the first elements have already been in use at various customers since the end of 2020. This is less about the product "robot" alone. It is rather about its use and the possible applications. In the coming years, automation will find its way into more and more areas – all around the globe. This development is already evident from current projects in the e-mobility sectors, as well as the establishment of additional robot types in the portfolio, such as the KR SCARA for small parts assembly, material handling and testing tasks. KUKA gave a first glimpse of "Mission 2030" live at the Hannover Messe preview press conference in early February.

Automation in more and more areas: KUKA realized one of the most modern battery production systems with Webasto. © Webasto_SE

With KUKA into the new world of automation

Software is more decisive than ever: the real added value no longer lies in a single product. It lies in digitally connected solution systems. KUKA offers the entire range from robotic components to large, complex connected systems. This requires an operating system that offers access to an entire ecosystem of programs or apps, services and accessories.

The long-term goal is clear: every KUKA product is to be equipped with the new operating system at some point. KUKA is also focusing on the benefits for its tens of thousands of existing customers. Worldwide they work with classic KUKA systems. KUKA’s top priority: Accompanying them all into the new world, reducing costs and increasing benefits


Recipe for the future: easy, intuitive automation and digitally networked solution systems

COVID-19 changes the economy

The coronavirus pandemic has changed supply chains, workflows and production processes. New technologies are helping the industry to adapt to this change in a sustainable way. These include automation, robotics and digitization. They are important elements for a robust and resilient industry. Read our White Paper here.

Hannover Messe is a main driver for the time after the coronavirus pandemic. Robotics and automation are key here, as are digital concepts. KUKA is a pioneer in industrial automation, and Hannover Messe, as a digital format, also offers us the right platform related to the digitalized and sustainable production of the future,

Wilfried Eberhardt, Chief Marketing Officer at KUKA.

With this year's partner country Indonesia, Hannover Messe is focusing on a region that is developing very dynamically, particularly in the field of automation. For example, KUKA’s logistics expert Swisslog has already implemented several logistics projects for the Asian e-commerce giant Lazada.

What awaits you at the virtual KUKA trade show appearance

We look forward to welcoming you to this year's trade show via some live streams from Augsburg:

  • Panel discussions
  • Webinars for automation experts
  • Expert talks
  • New technologies and innovations
  • Program for journalists 
  • Presentations by the international finalists of the KUKA Innovation Award 2021 around the central theme "Artificial Intelligence Challenge".


You will find more details here soon.

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