Servicing and maintenance for Reis systems and robots

KUKA offers professional and competent servicing to increase the efficiency of your production system.

Take preventive action and avoid damage: professional maintenance by KUKA experts

If defects are detected early, it is possible to prevent consequential damage or costly system downtime from occurring. This is why KUKA offers specially coordinated inspections, maintenance and repair work for all Reis machine types, robots and trimming presses throughout the entire life cycle of your system. This allows us to detect any weak points at an early stage and replace any wear parts in good time. In this way, we can guarantee the functional safety, availability and value retention of your system.

Preventive maintenance management – the secure way to manufacture cost-effectively. Benefiting from our experts’ many years of expertise.

Mike Löschinger, Head of Sales Consulting Services – Team Obernburg 

Buy used Reis machinery at attractive prices – properly maintained and ready for new use

Take advantage of the opportunity to obtain well-maintained and quickly-deployable used machinery from Reis in a cost-effective manner. Find the right model from our assortment of trimming presses and much more.

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Download the current stock overview for available Reis used machinery here.

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Please do not hesitate to use our hotline for Reis machinery: +49 6022 503 500
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