Oxyacetylene cutting

Oxyacetylene cutting or oxy-fuel flame cutting is a thermal separation process. This technology is particularly suitable for unalloyed and low-alloy steels and steel castings. Flame cutting is a proven process for materials with a higher thickness.

Oxyacetylene cutting: the technology

When using oxyacetylene cutting, first the workpiece is heated to the ignition temperatureNext, oxygen is added. The oxygen must have a purity of at least 99.5 percent.

This oxidizes the workpiece. In addition the oxygen blows the liquid metal out of the kerf. Combustion heat is generated. This in turn heats the underlying layer to the ignition temperature. The process thus continues autogenously and cuts the component. 

Oxyacetylene cutting has many applications: this technology is found wherever metals in the higher material thickness range are machined and processed.

Automated oxyacetylene cutting

With automated oxyacetylene cutting, the results are reproducible. The proven torch technology and the automatic ignition device ensure that the process starts smoothly. Safe flame monitoring and automatic hole cutting mean that no preparation is required.

Automated oxyacetylene cutting is a proven technology wherever steel in different thicknesses needs to be cut accurately and efficiently. When implementing this process, we rely on our technology database. All of our know-how from past projects regarding materials, sheet thicknesses, seam shapes, and cutting speeds are stored here.

Oxyacetylene cutting: the advantages

Just like with other technologies, the right cutting process is selected based on the needs and requirements of the respective production operations. The key advantages of oxyacetylene cutting are:

  • Cutting of components with greater material thicknesses  
  • Low investment and wearing part costs
Call us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding oxyacetylene cutting.
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