The products from the KUKA.ArcTech family turn the KUKA robot into a welding expert. KUKA.ArcTech software provides all the required functions for extremely easy operation and programming.

The KUKA.ArcTech family has a modular design in order to flexibly provide the required functions for the welding task to be accomplished.

The product family includes the following software options: 

  • KUKA.ArcTech Basic
  • KUKA.ArcTech Advanced
  • KUKA.ArcSense
  • and KUKA.MultiLayer.


KUKA.ArcTech Basic software

KUKA.ArcTech Basic is the basic module of the product family. It comprises all the necessary functions to perform all standard welding tasks. It makes no difference whether the power source to be controlled is a MIG/MAG, TIG or plasma device.

The functions of the basic variant:

KUKA.ArcTech Basic enables arc welding with control of power sources in job mode (program number selection) or characteristic mode (reference value specification). As a result, KUKA.ArcTech can be used flexibly and easily – regardless of customer requirements or the power source used.

The application software KUKA.ArcTech Basic turns the KUKA robot into a welding robot. It expands the command set of the KUKA KR C4 robot controller to include extra instructions for programming welding processes.

For simple and convenient operation, several practical status keys are added to the conventional KUKA smartPAD user interface to control the welding process and the power source.

Arc inline form on the KUKA smartPAD.

The ArcTech Basic scope of supply includes the following additional tools and functions:

  • Management of the weld parameter data set for ignition, weld and end crater parameters to implement WPSs.
  • Editor for online optimization of weld parameters
  • Editor for online optimization of weld parameters in application programs
  • Freely definable production display
  • Display of web pages for the visualization of power source websites, e.g. for the configuration and programming of weld parameters (Kemppi A7 welder. for instance)
  • Manual TCP check
ArcTech web browser with Kemppi A7 welder page.
KUKA offers special robots for arc welding.

KUKA.ArcTech Advanced software

The KUKA.ArcTech Advanced expansion supplements the KUKA.ArcTech Basic software option with additional functions for demanding welding tasks. It is thus possible to expand the range of functions for ArcTech at any time in order to respond to changes in the requirements for the robot system and its production tasks.

Additional functions of KUKA.ArcTech Advanced:

  • Welding with KUKA.RoboTeam software for synchronized welding on a single part using up to four robots
  • Advanced Error Recovery
  • Programmable weld-specific error recovery
  • Various thick-plate welding functions
  • Weld parameter ramps
  • Support of SKS Synchroweld™ and Fronius Dynamic Power Control
  • PLC interface for weld seam sequence control
  • Engineering interface for user-specific expansions

KUKA.ArcSense additional option

KUKA.ArcSense is a KUKA technology package that offers an additional option for ArcTech Advanced. The welding robot can thus perform seam tracking during welding through evaluation of the actual weld parameters. This technology is also known by the name through-the-arc sensor.  It enables the robot to automatically compensate for deviations (resulting from workpiece tolerances or heat distortion) in the weld seam position.

The functions of KUKA.ArcSense:

KUKA.ArcSense analyzes a checkback signal (actual weld parameters) which is made available by the robot controller directly on the field bus interface or through the KUKA measuring shunt.

This permits various areas of application:

  • Horizontal and vertical control during MIG/MAG welding, e.g. for fillets and V welds
  • Horizontal and vertical control for MIG/MAG welding with constant torch distance (stick-out)
  • Horizontal and vertical control for TIG welding, plasma welding and plasma cutting


In the event of faults during seam tracking, KUKA.ArcSense offers a unique function which enables the welding torch (TCP) to be repositioned on the seam and the seam tracking to be restarted. Beyond this, the built-in diagnostic functions can graphically analyze the sensor control and save all parameter settings for every weld seam in the KUKA logbook.

KUKA.MultiLayer software option

KUKA.MultiLayer is installed on the KR C4 controller in order to provide a functional expansion of KUKA.ArcTech Advanced. This enables multi-layer weld seams to be simply and quickly programmed and then executed by the robot.

The functions of the KUKA.MultiLayer software:

Simple but flexible programming of multi-layer weld seams

KUKA.MultiLayer makes the programming of multi-layer weld seams easier since only the root position needs to be taught into a predefined program structure.

The offset values for the filler and cover layers can be conveniently recorded in a database so that these data can be easily accessed from several welding programs.

Every weld seam of a multi-layer weld can be assigned individual welding parameters – which have been predefined in the ArcTech welding parameter data administration.


When using seam tracking sensors, the PathMemorization function saves the effective actual position. This detected tolerance information can thus be used to weld the filler and cover layers in the correct position as well.

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