KUKA Sunrise.OS

KUKA Sunrise.OS is the new system software for the KUKA LBR iiwa and other KUKA mobility products. It provides all the functions required for the operation of lightweight robots.

Together with the KUKA Sunrise.Workbench software package, which constitutes a new offline engineering system, KUKA Sunrise.OS offers innovative functions for programming, planning and configuration of advanced robot applications.

Optimization and updates of KUKA Sunrise.OS

We continuously upgrade the KUKA Sunrise.OS software in short release cycles. New functions are made available in the form of downloadable updates on a regular basis. This release strategy enables us to address your requirements promptly. 

Big Data, Smart Factory and Co.: the KUKA Sunrise.OS software is tailor-made for Industrie 4.0.

As a thought leader and pioneer for Industrie 4.0, KUKA implements networked and intelligent production solutions.

Graphical programming with KUKA Sunrise.OS

KUKA’s new approach to programming: the Application Framework provides an editor that assists you in modeling the robot’s work sequences graphically.

Using the smartPAD, it is also possible to check the individual work steps that you modeled previously and, if necessary, intervene manually at any time.

The fact that the JAVA program code is displayed in so-called blocks means that planners are also able to generate processes without programming knowledge. At the same time, it is possible to switch back to expert mode and use the full power of JAVA.

KUKA Sunrise.OS in action during programming of the LBR iiwa.

Other advantages of graphical programming

  • Structured
    The process diagram automatically illustrates the sequence in a structured manner due to its form. So-called wizards provide assistance during planning.
  • Consistent
    The block diagram can be used throughout the entire design process (planning, programming, planning, maintenance).
  • Reusable
    Each block can be used again in other applications and expanded as desired.
  • Efficient
    Many steps are transferred to the offline design process and are expedited as a result. That saves time and cuts costs.
  • Scalable
    The blocks can be used in a hierarchical manner and also merged into a group.

Sunrise.OS toolboxes

The KUKA Sunrise.OS toolboxes are the tools that enable you to create applications quickly and successfully. Thanks to their integrated JAVA libraries, blocks and object templates, the Sunrise.OS toolboxes provide you with compiled process expertise at your fingertips.

Intuitive operation with KUKA smartPAD

  • Visualization via tiles and graphic elements
  • Easy diagnosis with different-colored status LEDs
  • Display of the modeled work steps




Das KUKA smartPAD ermöglich Ihnen eine einfache und intuitive Bedienung.

Software for sensitive processes and human-robot collaboration 

  • By integrating the sensor system into the software, it is possible to program and optimize even complex and sensitive processes quickly.
  • KUKA Sunrise.HRC enables human-robot collaboration and contains all of the functions of the KUKA Sunrise.SafeOperation operating system.
  • KUKA Sunrise.SafeOperation implements safe velocity monitoring and a safe workspace.

KUKA Sunrise.Workbench engineering suite 

  • Ergonomic user interface
  • Program editor with many powerful user-friendly functions
  • Object-oriented programming with JAVA
  • Fast start-up
  • User-friendly diagnostics
  • Integrated user manual
  • Professional debugging

KUKA Sunrise software: made with expansion in mind

  • KUKA Sunrise.ProfiNet M/S enables the robot to communicate with any devices connected and with a PLC or fail-safe PLC via PROFINET ®.

  • KUKA Sunrise.Servoing is a soft real-time interface that facilitates the integration of sensors from the application level of the Sunrise controller in Java.

  • KUKA Sunrise.FRI is a fast robot interface that enables access to the robot controller from an external computer in real time.

  • KUKA Sunrise.BackupRestore allows the robot controller status to be backed up to a file server. This backup can then be restored at any time. Creating multiple backups is also straightforward. 

  • With KUKA Sunrise.SafeOperation, the “Safe velocity monitoring” and “Safe workspaces and protected spaces” functions are also available in Performance Level d and Category 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1:2008

  • KUKA Sunrise.HRC activates the following functions that enable human-robot collaboration in Performance Level d with Category 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1:2008

    • Safe force and torque monitoring
    • Safe collision detection
    • Safe velocity monitoring
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