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Robot-based amusement rides

Dark rides, virtual reality simulators and more – KUKA offers safe, certified robots developed specially as spectacular attractions for the leisure industry with a guaranteed thrill factor.

Automated amusement rides with KUKA robots – utmost safety and maximum fun

KUKA robots can do far more than simply weld, fasten screws and palletize: KUKA offers special robots developed specifically for carrying passengers and certified for this purpose in accordance with safety standard EN 13814. They combine the options of modern action-packed entertainment with the high requirements on safety when working with people. In this way, a wide variety of different rides can be implemented and customized – in leisure and theme parks, in shopping centers, or as motion simulators in research institutes.


Các ưu điểm

Certified safety

Thanks to the TÜV-certified concept and the individual acceptance by TÜV in the factory acceptance test, amusement rides with KUKA Entertainment robots ensure absolute safety for passengers.

Unique ride experience

Dynamic and yet gentle robot movements combine maximum ride comfort with the particular thrill of unpredictable motion, both with and without virtual reality.

Security of investment

Existing amusement rides can be freely adapted to the target audience at any time by changing the motion program of the VR content.

Utmost quality

All robot parts are checked using measures such as X-ray testing, surface crack testing and material certificates. This safely precludes processing and manufacturing defects.


By storing multiple motion profiles, the robot can execute different ride programs at the press of a button, with the desired accelerations and inverted elements for the specific target group.

Robot-based amusement rides with KUKA: high-speed, action-packed entertainment with maximum safety for passengers

Robot-based VR ride: stationary KR 600 passenger with virtual reality.