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Automation in the electronics industry

With many years of experience and more than 13,000 installed robots in the electronics industry, KUKA supplies cost-effective, reliable and flexible solutions for the manufacture of electronics products.

KUKA robot technology for the electronics industry.
Perfectly adapted to market requirements. 

Together with its partners, KUKA develops agile automation solutions. The result is individual recipes for success that make it possible to exploit opportunities in an attractive market quickly, optimally and profitably.

KUKA offers robots and automation technology for the entire value chain in the electronics sector – from semiconductor fabrication and entertainment electronics to electronic systems in cars and household appliances.

Lắp đặt và lắp ráp trong ngành công nghiệp điện tử: nhanh và chính xác đến từng milimet

KR 3 AGILUS được sử dụng nhanh và linh hoạt - lý tưởng cho những lắp đặt nhạy cảm trong ngành công nghiệp điện tử.

Innovative technology setting the pace: make your electronics manufacturing faster and more efficient with KUKA.

Efficient automation with KUKA robots ensures that the enormous demand for new electronics products can be met quickly – with the highest level of quality. Because powerful automation is much more than precision, speed and availability. It is the art of transforming ideas into practice.

Fast and smart products for a dynamic world:

KUKA has the perfect solution for every task.
Also for electronics with high cleanroom requirements.

ESD robots: ideally protected against electrostatic charging or discharging

From assembly to inspection and packaging of electronic consumer goods – KUKA offers various robot series in ESD design as standard for electronics production. These robots are equipped with electrically conductive elements and surfaces and are thus suitable for the safe handling of electronic components such as IC chips, circuit boards or vehicle electronics and sensors.

KUKA robots for the electronics industry with high cleanroom class

KUKA cleanroom robots can be perfectly integrated into the smallest of spaces and complex applications with high cleanliness requirements.

Thanks to a special powder coating and special seals to protect against particle emission, cleanroom robots feature extremely smooth surfaces. Due to the avoidance of airborne particles, the robot does not generate dust or particles caused by seal abrasion.

Find out more about KUKA cleanroom robot solutions for semiconductor fabrication.

All KUKA cleanroom robots are certified by the Fraunhofer Institute in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-14 criteria and meet the highest requirements in operation under cleanroom conditions.

KUKA robots are optimally equipped for the requirements of the electronics industry. Select the robot family that is most appropriate for your application:

Looking for automation partners?

Leverage our worldwide partner network in the electronics industry 

Find partners in your area

Case studies from the electronics industry:

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