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Cleanroom robot solutions for semiconductor fabrication

KUKA technologies and robots for cleanrooms meet the high requirements for purity, cleanliness and functionality in semiconductor production. They combine extreme agility and maximum precision – even with short cycle times.

Designed for the stringent requirements of the semiconductor industry: KUKA places particular emphasis on cleanrooms and safety.

Specially for cleanrooms, KUKA offers low-particle and low-emission robots, cobots and platforms for the manufacture and safe handling of highly sensitive microelectronics. Even our own production is carried out under these strict cleanroom conditions.

Together with system partners, KUKA supplies future-proof Industrie 4.0 solutions for the semiconductor industry with perfectly matched hardware and software meeting the demands of networking capability and manufacturing flexibility.

Humans and robots in ultraclean production environment: highly automated semiconductor factory of the future.

Cleaner than in operating rooms: mass production of semiconductor chips in a cleanroom environment up to category 1 at Infineon GmbH.

Robot technology for semiconductor production from a single supplier

  • Cleanroom robotics

    Cleanroom robots and (mobile) cobots with a high cleanroom classification – for example, thanks to internally-located, encapsulated guide mechanisms and cables as well as integrated drive technology


  • Software for mobile applications

    Intelligent, SEMI SECS-compliant software packages.

  • Engineering & Customer Service

    We offer customized, application-specific solutions to meet your requirements.
  • KUKA TechCenters around the world with global standards

    KUKA TechCenters are available to customers as test laboratories at various locations, including in Taiwan and China.

Tailored to cleanrooms from head to toe: robots for semiconductors and mobile cobots from KUKA.

Precise and fast robots of a high cleanroom class: greater safety through additional certification by the Fraunhofer Institute

Cleanroom-relevant criteria are already taken into account during the development of our robots Given their high ISO class, our standard robots are thus already suitable for many cleanroom applications.

 They have special, easy-to-clean surfaces as well as special primer coatings, seals and paint finishes on every axis. As standard, they are ESD-compatible and tested by Fraunhofer IPA for cleanroom suitability.

Cleanrooms are essential for the production of silicon wafer discs

Fraunhofer IPA is one of the world’s leading institutes in the fields of ultraclean production and contamination control. We have been work closely with KUKA for over 18 years. Firstly in the context of the Fraunhofer Tested Device® and CSM® cleanroom certifications, and also with a view to the design of robots to meet cleanliness requirements.

Dr. Frank Bürger, Fraunhofer IPA

Find the right cleanroom-compliant kinematic system for your task: 

Mobile cobots for cleanrooms: safe handling of sensitive components.

The industrial manufacturing of tomorrow requires mobile production and logistics concepts which are intelligently networked, modular and versatile.
Mobile cleanroom cobots (KMR iiwa) guarantee safe transportation and handling of sensitive components (wafers, masks, carriers) from one process to the next. They navigate in all directions autonomously and without safety fencing.

KUKA mobile cobot allows for gentle and safe handling of carriers with extremely high precision and sensitivity.

KUKA TechCenter test laboratories: from custom-tailored test to complete solutions for integration in the field of mobility

We carry out comprehensive and custom-tailored tests for semiconductor fabrication as well as the electronics industry in international test laboratories for our customers. Depending on the project, application and requirement, we offer everything from feasibility studies, interface tests and 24-hour test runs all the way to a finished solution.

e-book: Next-level automation with KUKA robotics for cleanrooms


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