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KUKA cell4_uswelding

Modular robot cell with integrated ultrasonic welding system through versatile, modular standard packages and automation options offers customized and process reliable solutions

Flexible manufacturing cell for ultrasonic welding of plastics

Modular robot cell with integrated ultrasonic welding system is compact and portable, it can be easily delivered by truck and placed anywhere in the production hall. Powerful KUKA robots guarantee high cycle performance, and can reach every weld spot safely and accurately from various angles and directions. 

Reliable solution for high quality ultrasonic welding applications

  • Guaranteed Quality

    • Process reliability by monitoring ofnrelevant parameters
    • Quality assurance through component-related documentation of relevant process parameters
    • Process optimization based on process parameters analysis
  • Ready for Digital Services

    • Remote Service
    • Data Management
    • Web access to the dashboard: KUKA.HMI web
    • Operating data access: KUKA Device Connector
    • Virtual commissioning of new components 
  • Fast Integration

    • Simple integration of new components 
    • Supporting functions like SPS step chain diagnosis
    • Simplified programming and commissioning with KUKA.ArcTech and KUKA ready2_pilot
    • Offline programming for new applications, during cell production
  • Best Service

    • KUKA supports you in planning
    • Fast feasibility studies with simulation software KUKA.Sim Pro
    • Flexible financing models
    • 24/7 available hotline
    • Global spare parts supply and service support

KUKA USW cell in two versions: ideally matched to your functional requirements

Standard configuration :  
Cell type cell4_uswelding compact KP1M single KR cell4_uswelding compact KP1A single KR
Length 3.960 mm 5.285 mm 5.285 mm
Width 2.200 mm
Height 2.560 mm
Robot KR CYBERTECH (KR 20 R1810-2)
Positioner KP1-V2T250 M
Ultrasonic welding unit
Branson or Rinco 
Insertation area --- Light barrier with back step protection Roller gate with back step protection

Option packages of KUKA cell4_uswelding compact:

Depending on the requirements of the welding applications, different option packages can be selected:
  • Predefined ultrasonic welding equipment packages including sonotrode Ø 12 mm
    • Branson 30 kHz
    • Rinco 35 kHz
  • Insertion area with roller gate
  • Extended KUKA application software package :
    • KUKA.ProcessScreen for monitoring and documentation of the process parameters
  • Operation and visualization with KUKA.HMI Advanced
  • customized design and process equipment on request
KUKA cell4_uswelding compact

We support you in the planning phase and offer flexible financing models

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