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Pillar presses

With the development of a new press series, a modern controller generation with touch display and a drive concept with servomotors, KUKA has the optimal solution to meet increasing demands in production.

The trim presses: flexible and energy-efficient

The Reis Robotics press series offers you more than 30 different pillar press models. You thus benefit from optimal solutions with many advantages - for both manual and automatic operation:

  • outstanding precision, speed and durability
  • low-backlash pillar guides and bend-proof press frames ensure precise cutting
  • Trimming and machining at different levels in one clamping set-up ensures high cost-effectiveness and profitability
  • New DIALOG IV controller generation with intuitive touch control enables the fast creation, modification, waving and replication of tool-specific programs
  • Newly developed servo-hydraulics of the trim press reduce the energy requirements by up to 60 percent (customer- and workpiece-specific)

Basic equipment of pillar press

Each of the Reis trim presses comes with a basic package that can be expanded to include optional accessories as required. The user-friendly basic equipment of a pillar press includes:

  • Automatic electric safety door on the operator side
  • Electrical enclosure at the machine (on right-hand side)
  • Media cabinet(on left-hand side) with all relevant control units
  • USB portfor saving application programs
  • Blankholder controller and cylinder: 60 kN, 200 mm stroke
  • Zwei Seitenschieberanschlüsse at media cabinet
  • Blow-cleaning of tool at media cabinet
  • Boreholes for tool centering
  • RAL 7035 paintwork

Variants and option packages

The pillar press is available in different variants. This enables us to address your requirements optimally. Press forces range from 300 to 3,000 kN. The installation height and the clearance between pillars also vary from model to model. The trim press is available as a 4-pillar or 3-pillar variant (optionally back left/right).

30 tonnes 65 tonnes 100 tonnes 200 tonnes 300 tonnes
SEP08-05 X

SEP10-07 X X

SEP13-07 X X X




Further accessories are optionally available, such as an unloading device with manual height adjustment, tool changing systems or a work platform.

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