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Spotting press

The spotting presses from the former company Reis Robotics ensure a sustainable foundation for top quality and precision. Die makers who test their products in a press achieve high product quality and prevent production loss and stoppages at their customers’ sites.

Quality and precision in mold and die making

Spotting is one of the quality assurance tasks in mold and die making. It helps to deliver the best possible products that have a very long service life and themselves ensure faultless products in everyday production. Even for giant dies, fractions of millimeters determine whether a die seals when closing.

The spotting presses from the former company Reis Robotics contribute to better end products and save users from time-consuming and cost-intensive trial runs in the production environment.

Advantages of the spotting press

The key feature of the spotting presses from KUKA is the even force distribution on the plunger. This is made possible thanks to cast and ribbed box sections and clamping plates. Compared to welded steel profiles, these transmit the forces with extremely little distortion and top precision.

What is more, the service-proven spotting presses offer many additional advantages:

  • User-friendly operation by means of stepless joystick control for pressure and speed
  • Intelligent control technology prevents operator errors
  • Plain text display with understandable feedback regarding the system status
  • The option of swinging out the upper half of the die by 180° supports ergonomic work
  • Large clearance between columns allows for large dies
  • Horizontal positioning accuracy of the carriage plate: 0.04 mm
  • Plane parallelism of both clamping plates within +/- 0.1 mm per 1,000 mm
KUKA spotting presses deliver precision quality.

Select the variant that suits your needs


With eight different spotting presses, we have all your mold and die-making requirements covered. The clamping surfaces range from 800 mm x 1,100 mm to 4,000 mm x 3,000 mm. The closing pressures reach up to 4,000 kN.

Please contact us to find the ideal spotting press for your requirements. We are happy to advise you.

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