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Trimming tools and stations

Ready for immediate use, safe, reliable and service-friendly: we provide trimming tools with integrated machining as well as complete systems for your professional deburring tasks. They guarantee maximum productivity of your manufacturing facility.

Well-designed accessories for complex trimming tools are as much a part of our product portfolio as standard parts programs. Furthermore, we offer multi-purpose tools for integrated machining in the trimming tools.

On request, we collaborate with you to develop customized machining stations that can be fully integrated into your automation cells.

Trimming tools

Our trimming tools for manual and automatic operation provides you with various advantages:

  • Ready for immediate use, safe, reliable and service-friendly
  • Top productivity through integrated machining
  • Drilling, milling, threading and sawing in a single clamping set-up
  • Reduced manufacturing costs due to minimal non-productive times
Top productivity thanks to reliable trimming tools

Trimming stations

We provide you with powerful and fully automated trimming stations for the extensive pre-machining of castings.

We develop customized solutions for complete machining directly at the casting machine or for standalone operation and integrate them directly on site. 

Trimming stations as a foundry tool

Machining stations

KUKA develops and manufactures machining stations with sawing, drilling, threading and milling functions according to your individual specifications. These can be fully integrated into an automation cell with automated loading and unloading by robots. If required, you can operate them in standalone mode.

Machining station customized to your needs

Broaching/trimming tools

Cost-effective deburring or pre-machining of gravity die castings with large feeder cross-sections is no problem at all with the broaching/trimming tools from KUKA. This represents an inexpensive alternative to sawing.

Tooling accessories

Offering important components for complex trimming tools, our own standard parts program and standard slide units are characterized by the same three advantages: compact design, reliability and flexible application potential.

Flexible and reliable robot tooling accessories

Multi-purpose tools

Multi-purpose tools allow for lower production costs by minimizing non-productive times.

Depending on your individual requirements, we provide drilling, milling, threading and sawing in a single clamping set-up, thereby guaranteeing maximum productivity for your manufacturing facility.

Kombiwerkzeug für professionelles Entgraten

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