Simulation & Layout Engineer

at KUKA Kunshan/China


Job Description:

Responsible for pre-project layout support and afterward project execution; technical clarification involved in project layout.



  • Create simple 3D layouts
  • Generate simulation animations to help Proposal Engineer/Sales Manager communicate with customers

During Project:

  • Put 3D models designed by Mechanical Engineers into layouts,
  • Complete detailed 3D layouts;
  • Simulate to check the accessibility of robots and equipment’s interference;
  • Output detailed installation plans to assist Project Site Manager to complete on-site construction


  • Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical engineering
  • More than one year working experience, graduates may also be considered
  • Proficient in UG, AutoCAD software
  • Good communication in English, strong coordination skills

开始时间: 尽快

Simulation & Layout Engineer

Please apply here via email

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